Esteemed Colleagues,

As we head to the end of the year, I hope that we are also heading to the end of the pandemic. Vaccines and now boosters as well as expansion to the young continues to make a positive impact. Where breakthrough infections occur, thankfully the outcome is usually much better than prior to vaccines. Science continues to provide solutions!

Given that travel has opened up a bit more, the October Board of Directors meeting was held in person.  Many of the board members could not travel due to continued institutional travel restrictions; however, we did get to meet, and it was a great pleasure to see those that could travel! The renovations to the Town and Country are completed and are very nice. I believe that everyone will find the meeting venue to be superior as we return to an in-person meeting for 2022. Not only will we have a nice venue, but the meeting agenda continues to grow and develop with amazing speakers and topics. I can’t wait!

President Elect Addy Alt-Holland and I further got a chance to meet online. We attended a virtual conference given by the American Institute for the Biological Sciences: Enabling Scientific Societies to Support Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, and Accepting (IDEA) Scientific Environments.  This was a very informative workshop. While we do have a somewhat diverse board and society, I feel that SIVB can do better and we should do better to support IDEA concepts.  I would welcome hearing your thoughts along this direction. I hope that all feel welcome in the SIVB and that we continue to develop as a diverse scientific society that is seen as open to all and that we encourage all. Solid, scientific inquiry thrives when diverse views and thoughts are not only encouraged but celebrated!

In closing, I wish that you all will have a very safe and healthy holiday season. Remember, if doing holiday shopping on Amazon to use Amazon Smile with the SIVB listed as the recipient organization.

Allan Wenck, PhD, JD
President, Society for In Vitro Biology

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