The Society for In Vitro Biology established the Fellow Award to recognize outstanding professionals who have made significant contributions to the field of in vitro biology and demonstrated service to the Society. The Society for In Vitro Biology honored Dr. Vivian Dayeh and Dr. Addy Alt-Holland with Fellow Awards at SIVB 2021: In Vitro OnLine, the virtual 2021 Annual Meeting of the Society for In Vitro Biology. Dr. Alt-Holland’s Fellow Award is highlighted in this issue of the In Vitro Report, and Dr. Dayeh’s Fellow Award was highlighted in the previous issue of the In Vitro Report.

Dr. Addy Alt-Holland

2021 SIVB Fellow Award Recipient

Dr. Addy Alt-Holland

Dr. Addy ALt-holland Awarded the 2021 SIVB Fellow Award

Addy Alt-Holland has been a very active scientific contributor to the SIVB and IVACS since 2006 and a very active member of the Society since 2010. The Fellow Award is intended to recognize both her excellence in scientific pursuits and service to the society (and IVACS section). She has certainly given full measure for both. 

Addy completed her bachelor’s degree (1989), Masters (1991) and Doctor of Philosophy (2002) at Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel. She completed post-doctoral training at SUNY, Stony Brook in the Department of Oral Biology and Pathology (2003-2004). She moved to Tufts University, Department of Oral and Maxillary Pathology as a Research Associate (2004-2007) and she was promoted to Assistant Professor in the Department of Endodontics at Tufts University School of Dentistry (2007). Her extremely successful research program, teaching success and service to the scientific community resulted in her promotion to Associate Professor in 2019. Her primary research is focused on non-melanoma human skin cancers. She has 28 highly cited publications and over 129 published abstracts. She is an active mentor of students and professional colleagues. Addy is also active in the Association for Women in Science.

Dr. Addy Alt-Holland is awarded the 2021 SIVB Fellow Award

Her service to the SIVB has been considerable. Since giving her first invited paper in 2006, she has organized and convened 19 symposia/plenary sessions at our annual meetings. Since 2014, she has served as the moderator (and judge) for the annual IVACS student and post-doc oral presentation competitions. Addy received the SIVB Young Scientist Award in 2013 and she served as the meeting program chair for the world congress in 2014. Finally she has agreed to serve the six year term of President-elect, President and Past President which started in 2020.

Addy’s collective accomplishments as a scientist and her service to the SIVB make her a very valued colleague and society member.

Submitted by:
Mae Ciancio and John Harbell

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