Esteemed Colleagues,

Time continues to fly by! It is hard to believe that our very successful virtual meeting – In Vitro OnLine – is already several months in the past. I would again like to thank all of those involved in the organization and successful implementation of this meeting. We had an amazing slate of great science and speakers, and it was extremely well attended! The 2022 meeting is already solidifying as another great one to look forward to attending – on site! If you have not already, please check out the website and the exciting program that is forming. I believe there are still some co-convener slots open, so please reach out to the organizing committee and volunteer! Put it on your calendar now so you don’t forget to do it later!

2022 is an election year. You will be receiving a slate of nominees for the different offices for the 2022-2024 term. Please review and please vote! If you would like to be considered on the slate in the future, contact me directly. One of the responsibilities that I will take on as Past President (starting with the June 2022 meeting) is to develop the slate of candidates that are ready, willing, and able to serve in the next cycle. Don’t think that you can never be that person. There is nothing special about me. I was just willing to say yes!

Covid, and especially the Delta variant, still is making a terrible health and societal impact. I again exhort you all as scientists in your communities to help spread the message as to the science behind vaccines – and other issues. Your voices can and do make a difference. As such societal engagement and messaging is important, the Board of Directors has authorized the creation of an Ad hoc committee on Social Engagement. This Committee lead by Christopher Bagley, Anissa Belfetmi and Sarbesh Dangol (along with the publications committee and New Beginnings) is working on a survey (as of this writing – it will likely already be out by the publication date). I hope you all will/did participate. They are proposing many great initiatives that will be presented to the Board of Directors at our meeting in October. Please feel free to reach out to learn more.

Last, but not least, check your mailboxes and email boxes. Membership renewals are out. Please renew early and often 😊. When you are online shopping in the Amazon world, don’t forget to use Amazon Smile and specify the SIVB as a recipient organization. Further, look towards other opportunities to show your support for SIVB. There are many!

Continue to be safe, to communicate science and to be the science!


Allan Wenck, PhD, JD
President, Society for In Vitro Biology

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