The Society for In Vitro Biology established the Fellow Award to recognize outstanding professionals who have made significant contributions to the field of in vitro biology and demonstrated service to the Society. The Society for In Vitro Biology honored Dr. Vivian Dayeh and Dr. Addy Alt-Holland with Fellow Awards at SIVB 2021: In Vitro OnLine, the virtual 2021 Annual Meeting of the Society for In Vitro Biology. Dr. Dayeh’s Fellow Award is highlighted in this issue of the In Vitro Report, and Dr. Alt-Holland’s Fellow Award will be highlighted in the next issue of the In Vitro Report.

Dr. Vivian Dayeh

2021 SIVB Fellow Award Recipient

Dr. Vivian Dayeh

Dr. Vivian Dayeh Awarded the 2021 SIVB Fellow Award

Since 2002, Vivian R. Dayeh has been a very active member and contributor to the SIVB and so 19 years later we are thrilled to see her receive the 2021 SIVB Fellow Award. Dr. Dayeh is a Continuing Lecturer in the Department of Biology at the University of Waterloo, which is located ~100 km west of Toronto and home to the 3rd female recipient of the Nobel prize in Physics, Dr. Donna Strickland. Like Dr Strickland, she was raised nearby in Guelph Ontario Canada. Dr. Dayeh received all degrees from the University of Waterloo: BSc (1999), MSc (2001) and PhD (2004). During this period of academic training, Dr Dayeh received numerous scholarships and awards, including at least 2 from SIVB: the Joseph F Morgan and the Honor B Fell Awards. One of her SIVB mentors at this time was Guido Caputo. Over the last 19 years, Dr. Dayeh has consistently contributed to the running of SIVB. She has been moderator and co-convener for meeting sessions and a member of the education and awards committees. In 2017, she was a the recipient of the SIVB Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Dayeh’s research has been focused on in vitro toxicology, especially on fish cell lines as a replacement for whole fish in toxicity tests. Much of her early work has been summarized in the 2013 review “The use of fish-derived cell lines for investigation of environmental contaminants: an update following OECD’s fish toxicity testing framework No. 171”, which has already received over 110 Google Scholar Citations. An earlier 2004 paper entitled “Evaluating the toxicity of Triton X-100 to Protozoan, Fish and Mammalian Cells using fluorescent dyes as indicators of cell viability” has over 130 citations. Despite having a lecturer position, Dr. Dayeh continues to be involved in research on fish cell lines.

Dr. Dayeh accepts the 2021 SIVB Fellow Award

Dr. Dayeh has been a star undergraduate teacher and has won numerous teaching awards at the University of Waterloo. Her teaching has included some of the largest classes, ~400 students per lecture but lecturing multiple times for a class of ~1500. She also has developed upper-level courses in toxicology and animal cell biotechnology. The animal cell biotechnology course is all about in vitro biology and draws students in from wide range of disciplines, such as engineering as well as the classic life science audience. Dr Dayeh is an apostle for in vitro biology, and so heads up to all SIVB members, your future graduate students might be in her class right now.

Submitted by:
Dr. Niels Bols

Continuing Lecturer 
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
University of Waterloo

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