The Society for In Vitro Biology (SIVB) annual meeting is going to be a virtual event (SIVB 2021: In Vitro OnLine) and will be offered in real-time from June 5th to 9th, 2021. The meeting aims to bring together world’s top academic and industry leaders to share latest research in emerging technologies, genome editing, genomics, organoids, synthetic biology, in vitro technologies, and other fields. It also bridges the gap between plant and animal biotechnology research thus providing opportunity to learn advances with broad relevance across kingdoms of life. The program committee is committed to providing an excellent scientific program and has put together sessions to facilitate collaboration and networking with key experts in the field of gene editing, micropropagation, tissue engineering and organoids, invertebrate systems, gut microbiota etc. Dr. Keith Joung, who is a leading figure in gene editing, will be sharing a keynote on CRISPR-based technologies for targeted genome editing and gene regulation during the opening ceremony on June 6th 2021. He is the Robert B. Colvin, M.D. Endowed Chair in Pathology, Desmond and Ann Heathwood Research Scholar, and a Pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Joung has pioneered the development of tools for precise gene editing, and strategies to reprogram the genome and epigenome to understand biology and find ways to treat diseases.  

The meeting starts with concurrent workshops on Saturday June 5th, 2021, Grow with the Flow: Creative Changes on Advanced Flow Cytometry and 15th International Conference on Invertebrate and Fish Cell Culture: Emerging Technologies and Future Directions”. One plenary session has been planned for each day of the meeting, bringing experts in the field for both plant and animal sciences to share the knowledge and advances on topics entitled “Advanced Biological Tools for Biotechnology Applications, Epigenetics: Mechanisms and Implications, Crossing Kingdoms: Developing and Applying Editing Tools in Animals and Plants and Regulations & Transparency: Imperatives for Emerging Technologies. A joint symposium entitled Emerging Startups: Bringing Innovative Ideas to Life has also been organized to bridge the gap between two disciplinesIn addition to 4 plenary sessions, there will be concurrent symposia throughout the day. 

Don’t miss the various virtual sessions for the SIVB annual conference this year, covering late-breaking research including novel gene editing approaches, epigenetics, advances in biotechnology and much more

SIVB is always striving to create opportunities for students and young researchers, to that end education symposia and workshops have been organized by the student committee. There are opportunities for competitive student & post-doctoral oral presentations and non-competitive student oral presentations.  A student symposia RNA-Sequencing: Experimental Design, Sample and Library Preparation, Sequencing and Data Analysis Factors to Consider is also on the program this year.   

The Plant Biotechnology section is excited to present variety of topics covering micropropagation, genetic transformation, gene editing and Cannabis biotechnology. The plant symposia and workshop topics include Leadership and Best Practices in Commercial Labs’, ‘Variables Controlling Successful Gene Editing in Plants/ New Tools’, ‘Advanced Biological Tools for Biotechnology Applications’, ‘Advances in Cannabis Regeneration Systems and Biotechnology’, ‘Transformation of Recalcitrant Crops Using Morphogenic or Growth-stimulating Genes, and many great interactive posters and oral presentations. One advantage to an online meeting is the ability to watch the presentations when you have time. You can also start and stop the presentation to make sure you get all the information being presented.  

The In Vitro Animal and Cell Sciences section of SIVB is thrilled to offer various important sessions for the SIVB annual conference this year. The sessions cover topics such as late-breaking research on novel gene editing approaches, epigenetics, advances in biotechnology, tissue engineering and organoid culture, as well as gut microbiota research in addition to interactive poster and oral presentations. 

Presentations will be prerecorded and some of the sessions will take place in real time allowing interactions and engagement with the speaker through Q &A feature. A virtual poster gallery with pre-recorded audio description by authors will also be provided. The speakers are leaders in the field and expected to provide tantalizing research talks. The program committee is looking forward to thought-provoking discussions to follow either via live Q & A or on the virtual platform. 

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From left: Program Chair Raj Deepika Chauhan, Pairwise;
Angela Labrum, PB Program Chair, Bailey Nursery;
Program Committee Kristina Martinez-Guryn, IVACS Program Chair, Midwestern University;

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