Esteemed Colleagues,

I hope that all are safe and healthy!  2020 continues to be a year of challenges with the largest challenges all being driven by scientific needs.  Covid, Food Security, Climate change/extreme weather events have devastating societal impact and they all have or can be solved with science.  Unfortunately, we have strong anti-science headwinds that limit understanding and commitment to science-based solutions.  At times like this, scientific societies – especially the Society for In Vitro Biology – need to step up and speak out.  We need to be strong scientists and strong voices for science.

We should all be proud of the work that society members do – not only to make inroads on the science topics, but to also share the science with society as demonstrated by high impact papers and presentations (even in the virtual conference world) as well as posts on social and professional media.  We need to continue this trend.  Please engage and be engaged!  We can change society and make a healthier and more sustainable world!

Now, more than ever, not only does society need you, but The Society for In Vitro Biology needs you!  We successfully launched and ran a last-minute virtual meeting.  I again thank all the people who contributed to making this happen.  We are currently looking towards a – hopefully on site – meeting in Norfolk.  The meeting organizers have put together a great slate of topics and presenters and secured a great keynote – Dr. J. Keith Joung.  Ultimately, the decision to have an onsite or virtual meeting will be made based on the assurances of our ability to maintain the health and safety of all participants.

Regardless, we need all our members to be active.  Membership renewals are out.  Please renew and reach out to colleagues to make sure they renew.  Continue the great job of spreading the word of science and the society.  Don’t forget our student and post doc members who often set up networking, training and mentoring during our meetings.  We need to engage, mentor and grow the next generation of section leaders and society leaders regardless of on site, or virtual meetings.  This is something we need to continue year-round.  Share the benefits SIVB provides to you via a submission to the In Vitro Report.  We want to hear your stories!

Please be safe!  Wear masks!  Follow the Science!  Be the Science!  Communicate the Science!


Allan Wenck, PhD, JD
President, Society for In Vitro Biology

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