Missing a highlight of my social and scientific year

It is with great sadness that the SIVB board made the decision to cancel this year’s in person meeting of the SIVB.  As a long-time member – and as president elect! – the annual meeting is one of the highlights of my year!  Whether it is in San Diego, St. Louis, Raleigh, Tampa or anywhere, the chance to interact with long term associates and introduce new students to the art are something that makes my year special.  SIVB has meant so much to me at multiple dimensions in my scientific and social sphere.

Covid 19.  A name and number that does not adequately reflect the impact on the lives of people around the world.  Could such a simple virus shut down so much of the world?  Yes!  We have experienced it!  California shut down all meetings and closed all convention centers by order of the governor.  Such orders and concern for health has rendered an in person meeting impossible.  As a board, we are hoping that not all is lost!  We are doing all we can to make the meeting a virtual experience where at least science can be shared.  This is critical for all of us, but perhaps most for our student and post doc members. The time and opportunity to make an impact and to get oneself noticed – to launch a career even – is short!  I hope that all will take advantage of the opportunity to share your story via prerecorded presentation.

I further encourage all of you to share your story via this forum – In Vitro Report. This is a great forum to communicate not only your scientific journey, but your career journey! I see too few shares from students in this forum.  Social media is not the only outlet – though please use it!  Contribute to our on line meeting!  Contribute to In Vitro Report!  I look forward to reading your stories and following your careers!

Submitted by
Allan Wenck
President Elect, SIVB

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