We find ourselves in a profoundly changing world as we learn to adapt to nature’s presented threat, the SARS-CoV2 virus. Our attention first goes to those that have suffered and to those that have given themselves to stave the suffering. Next, we grow, modify and create new ways to interact. This undoubtedly includes scientific exchange. This year’s SIVB meeting, the 2020 World Congress on In Vitro Biology, will continue at this time as a virtual pre-recorded meeting.

We will miss sharing our exciting work in person, catching up with friends, and appreciating the beautiful San Diego scenery, but we can still enjoy and enrich our understanding with cutting edge research, and now at our own schedule. Symposia will be available for viewing for registered attendees at any time from June 6 through June 22.

Alysson MuotriThe Keynote Speaker, Dr. Alysson R. Muotri, Professor of the Sanford Consortium, University of California San Diego, will present his lab’s remarkable finding with “Emergence of Spontaneous Oscillatory Networks from Human Brain Organoids.” Plenary Sessions will include, “20/20 on 2020 and Beyond:  Emerging In Vitro Technologies”; “Frontiers in Single Cell Technologies”; “Bioethics and Public Policy for Benefits and Concerns in Plants and Animals”; “Current Perspectives on Cannabis and Cannabinoids”; and a joint IVACS/PBS symposia, “Exploring Microbiomes: Application to Humans and Agriculture”.

The In Vitro Animal Cell Sciences (IVACS) Section will provide symposia: “Organoid Models: Windows into Human Disorders”, “New Approach Methods for Drug Discovery in Japan”, sponsored by our Japanese partners, JSAAE and JTCA; “MicroRNA and Cellular Dysfunction”; “Emulating Human Liver in Preclinical Research and Regenerative Medicine”; and “Microbiome in Mammalian Health”

The Plant Biotechnology Sections (PBS) will offer symposia: “Best Practices for Plant Tissue Culture”; “Genetic Transformation and Accelerated Breeding in Woody Plant Species”; “Plan(t)s for the Future Planet”; “In Vitro Technologies for Clean Plant Production in Cannabis”; “Digital Agriculture – Sensors, Machine Learning and Image Analysis”; “Advances in Plant, Cell, Tissue, and Organ Culture Contributed Paper Session”; “Plant Contributed Paper Session”; “Plant Memory: The Importance of Assessing Culture Carry Over Effects During Micropropagation Protocol Development”; “Imaging Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Tissue Culture and Transformation”; “Beyond KOs: Emerging Genome Editing Technologies”

Student and trainee development will enthusiastically continue as virtual posters and judged oral competitions, including the “Plant Biotechnology Post-Doctoral Oral Presentation Competition”; “Plant Biotechnology Student Oral Presentation Competition”; and the “In Vitro Animal Cell Sciences Student and Post-Doctoral Oral Presentation Competition.”

We would like to graciously thank Ms. Marietta Wheaton Saunders, Congress Secretariat, for her relentless effort to provide this new venue, and the SIVB Covid-19 Meeting Task Force for presenting a positive and productive alternative.  We thank the speakers, conveners, sponsors and participants for their flexibility and willingness to work within the current constraints. Thank you so that we can continue to engage with one another’s amazing work!

Submitted by Michael K. Dame
2020 World Congress on In Vitro Biology Program Chair
Society for In Vitro Biology
Associate Director, Translational Tissue Modeling Laboratory University of Michigan Medical School Ann Arbor Michigan
 ➜  Visit the University of Michigan Translational Tissue Modeling Laboratory Website

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