Distinguished Service Awards have been chosen most years since 1993 by the President or Past President of the Society to members who have given extraordinary service in support of the annual meeting of SIVB during the past year. We’re known for the quality of our meetings and scientific quality of presentations—because a number of individuals are prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ on behalf of the Society. These individuals may be new or experienced members and serve in a variety of capacities for SIVB. I’m exceptionally pleased to gratefully acknowledge on behalf of the Society the following members with the Distinguished Service Awards for 2019: Albert Kausch, Barbara Doonan, Maria Jenderek, and Pam Weathers.

Pamela J. Weathers

Maria M. Jenderek

Albert P. Kausch

Barbara B. Doonan

Albert Kausch is recognized for his generosity in offering his web lectures on the broad field of biotechnology and medical technology to SIVB for its website to enhance the understanding of these fields. Barbara Doonan is nominated for her work coordinating the Ad Hoc Committee’s review of Dr. Kausch’s Online Biotechnology Course. She chaired the committee assigned to review the content and determine how the program could be most adventitiously added to our website. Maria Jenderek is nominated for her continued dedication and efforts as the Awards Committee Chair. Through Maria’s guidance, the Committee made efforts to inspire all Society members to nominate their accomplished colleagues. She has been Chair since 2016. Pam Weathers for her years of dedicated efforts on behalf of SIVB as the Student Awards Committee Chair. The growth in the student awards program is a direct result of her efforts. Pam has been chairing this committee since 2004.

Submitted by John W. Harbell, Ph.D.
President, SIVB

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