CAST officially rolled out its much-anticipated Issue Paper #60–Genome Editing in Agriculture: Methods, Applications, and Governance–on July 9 in Washington, D.C.

On June 4 in St. Louis, an audience hosted by the Society for In Vitro Biology enjoyed a preview of CAST’s forthcoming gene editing paper. Task Force Chair Adam Bogdanove (Cornell University) presented key information. CAST EVP Kent Schescke introduced the event, and various board members attended, including David Songstad–the CAST Liaison for the publication.

Adam Bogdanove presents the CAST Issue Paper at the 2018 In Vitro Biology Meeting

As the paper says, “The power of genome editing suggests that, if conducive social and regulatory conditions are in place, it can substantially increase the positive impacts of plant and animal breeding on human welfare and sustainability.”   The publication will be an important resource for regulatory agencies, policymakers, research institutions, industry, and the general public.

This link is to CAST’s Friday Notes that has a write-up of this event at the 2018 SIVB Meeting:

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