At the Opening Ceremony of the 2017 In Vitro Biology Meeting (Raleigh, NC), Dr. Dwight Tomes (SIVB President) honored the following SIVB members with a Distinguished Service Award: Vadim Beilinson, Vivian Dayeh, Michael J. Fay, Ted Klein, Sergei Krasnyanski, Qiudeng Que, Pon Samuel, and Mary Welter.  The recipients of the SIVB Distinguished Service Award are selected by the SIVB President to honor members of the Society who demonstrated exemplary Service to the Society for In Vitro Biology. SIVB congratulates the 2017 recipients and thanks them for their support of the Society.

Pictured above, Dwight Tomes presents Distinguished Service Awards to the 2017 recipients:
(top row from L to R) Vivian Dayeh, Michael J. Fay, and Ted Klein
(bottom row from L to R) Sergei Krasnyanski, Pon Samuel and Mary Welter.

Submitted by Editorial Staff