Addy Alt-Holland, 2017 In Vitro Biology Meetng Program Chair

Addy Alt-Holland, 2017 In Vitro Biology Meetng Program Chair

We are excited to welcome you to the 2017 Conference of the Society for In Vitro Biology, held from Saturday June 10th through Wednesday June 14th, at the Raleigh Convention Center, North Carolina.

The Scientific Program of the conference starts on Saturday, June 10th, with a “Grow with the Flow: Expand your Application in Biological Research with Flow Cytometry” workshop that is sponsored by Beckman Coulter and moderated by J. Pon Samuel. This one-day workshop will highlight the state-of-the-art technology for studying plants and animals at the cellular and subcellular levels and will include lectures, demonstrations and interactive Sessions.  Welcome Reception and a Poster Session will follow in the evening.

The Scientific Program continues on Sunday June 11th, with a Plenary Symposium “Innovative Advances in Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting for Plant & Mammalian Cells” (Tobias M. Cicak, Michael K. Dame). The significant advances of flow cytometry approaches and techniques will be demonstrated in two consecutive lectures that will span from quantification of heterogeneity of plant cell cultures to the sorting and expansion of human cells for clinical applications. The morning continues with breakout sessions on Cannabis: Past, Present and Future” (Hemant Lata, Theodore M. Klein), “Role of Secondary Metabolites/Antioxidants In Vitro” (Maria M. Jenderek), and “From Single Cell Analysis to Multiplexed Screening Assays of Cell Cultures” (Justin Colacino, Addy Alt-Holland). Following a lunch break, the breakout sessions continue with “Advances in Woody and Ornamental Plant Tissue Culture” (Paula M. Pijut), “Biosafety Best Practices For GMOs and Regulatory Challenges with Genome Editing” (Annie Saltarikos, Marceline Egnin), and the “Meet the Expert IVACS Contributed Papers I (Addy Alt-Holland). The late afternoon breakout sessions will focus on “Cell Culture Systems for Agricultural and Environmental Research” (Cindy L. Goodman, Vivian Dayeh), Plant Biotechnology Post-Doctoral Oral Presentation Competition (Geny Anthony, Piero Barone), and Plant Biotechnology Student Oral Presentation Competition (Jeffrey R. Beringer). In the evening, following the Opening Ceremony and Reception and poster presentations, the day will conclude with the exciting and inspiring Student Symposium on “Persuasive Presentations: Tips and Techniques for Public Speaking” (Elena Arthur, Whitney Harchenko).

On Monday morning, June 12th, the Scientific Program begins with the plenary symposium on “Microbiome Challenges to Scale Production” (Pooba Ganeshan, Mae Ciancio). This session will focus on developments and challenges in understanding and implementing microbiomes for the benefits of both plants and animals, from the protection of plants and crops around the world and the selection of microbiota for agrochemicals soil biodegradation, to the maintenance of human health and prevention of diseases. Thereafter, we are honored to have Dr. Antony Atala, Director and Chairman of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, as our Keynote Address titled “Regenerative Medicine: Current Concepts and Changing Trends” with a Refreshment Break to follow. During the mid-day, a “Student Networking Luncheon” will be held and focus on “Creating Winning Resumes and CVs” (Elena Arthur, Whitney Harchenko), which is an extremely important aspect in an academic or industry career path. Later in the afternoon, following poster presentations the breakout sessions will include the “In Vitro Animal Cell Sciences Student and Post-Doctoral Oral Presentation Competition” (Addy Alt-Holland, Kolla Kristjansdottir), “In Vitro and Silico Databases and Analysis” (Dawn R. Applegate), “Regulatory Protocols for Transgenic Crops” (Sadanand A. Dhekney, Harold N. Trick), “Workshop on Cannabis Best Practices and Regulation” (Mary Welter, Willliam Graham), and the “Non-competitive Student Oral Presentations” session (Elena Arthur, Whitney Harchenko). The breakout sessions continue in the evening with “IVACS Contributed Paper session II” (Joshua Gasiorowski), “Plant Contributed Paper Session I” (Sergei Krasnyanski), and “Plant Responses to Abiotic Stress” (Prakash P. Kumar, Hong Luo). The day will conclude with the “In Vitro Animal Cell Science and Plant Biotechnology Sections Business Meetings” followed by the joint sections’ social. I encourage all of you to you attend and participate in these important Section meetings.

Tuesday, June 13th, will begin with the Plenary Session “Scaffolds from Plants and Synthetic Materials for Human Tissue Engineering” (Joshua Z. Gasiorowski, Pamela J. Weathers). This session will explore ways to overcome some of the limitations of advanced bio-manufacturing that is based on biologically-relevant materials, scaffolds and devices for the use in tissue and organ engineering, through the development of novel engineering tools and contributions from across living kingdoms. The consecutive breakout sessions will focus on “Practical Media Improvement using DOE: Case Study Comparisons of a Commercially Available MS Media Improvement Kit” (Randall P. Niedz, Michael E. Kane), “Microfluidics for Applied Biology” (Jessica Monserrate, Miguel A. Acosta), and “Medicinal Plants” (Debora A. Esposito, Nirmal Joshee). The late afternoon will continue with poster presentations and breakout sessions on “Exosomes/Secretomes” (Michael J. Fay, Kolla Kristjansdottir), “Plant Contributed Paper Session II” (Jeffrey Adelberg), and “Start Up for Commercialization, Idea Development, and IP Capture” (Allan R. Wenck, Hoang Nguyen). The day will conclude with the “SIVB Business Meeting” which everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Do not forget to register for our “Tuesday Night at the Museum” event at the North Carolina Museum of Science — an unforgettable evening that includes dinner in the museum and special tours guided by scientists from the Museum’s Genomics and Microbiology Research Lab!

We will wrap up the 2017 SIVB Conference on Wednesday, June 14th, with the morning Plenary Session “Natural Products and Biologics” (Brad Upham, Suman Chandra). This session will focus on the benefits of natural products, which have biological activity with pharmacological properties, on human health and the increasing roles of in vitro plant and mammalian cell culture systems in the production and assessment of these products. This Plenary Session will be followed by mid-morning breakout sessions on “Plant Genome Editing” (Fredy Altpeter), and “Plant Contributed Paper Session III” (Sivamani Elumalai).

And, before you fly home, or stay to relax for a day, consider visiting some of the scientific offerings in Raleigh by joining one of two exciting tours on Wednesday afternoon: “The Research Triangle Industry Tour” or the “Afternoon in the Trees: A North Carolina State University Tour.” The registration for these tours is ongoing, so register early to secure your spot!

Interested in contributing and shaping the 2018 SIVB Conference? On Sunday morning (June 11th at 7am) the IVACS and PBS Sections will begin their respected program planning meetings for the 2018 SIVB Conference. Please consider participating in these section meetings and share your thoughts and suggestions about topics for future Plenary Sessions, Symposia and workshops — this is the place and time to get involved!

We are looking forward to an exciting, productive and successful conference in Raleigh, North Carolina!

Submitted by Addy Alt-Holland, 2017 Program Chair