Eugene Elmore, SIVB President

Eugene Elmore, SIVB President

The two years of my presidency have been exciting.  The SIVB has continued to progress with excellent scientific programs and a host of world renowned speakers.  It is refreshing to see the Society’s members join together in a team effort on the various committees to promote the Society through the scientific programs, fundraising, student initiatives, and addressing issues of importance to the SIVB and its members.  As members and attendees, you have been the beneficiaries with excellent scientific programs, increased student participation, social networking, scientific collaborations, and professional development opportunities.  Our society has served the scientific community well with many of our current and former members excelling in their chosen specialties.

The Society now has an approved strategic plan, which is critical for the society to thrive and grow.  The next step, implementation, is now being broadly addressed by various committees.  Over the years, the society has promoted many educational programs that offer training in basic and applied in vitro biology.  We have stressed the importance of the details of good cell culture practices and good laboratory science.  With the increasing interest on reproducibility of scientific data, we can anticipate the Society’s continued emphasis on education and training.

Our society, as with many small societies, faces ongoing challenges in recruiting new members, retaining current members, and promoting the society within the scientific community.  These challenges require the concerted efforts of our members.  You can make a difference.  I encourage each of you to share your enthusiasm for the Society with your colleagues and students.  Invite them to attend our meetings and join our society.

Our society’s members have volunteered their time in serving on committees, and have also contributed generously to support the society’s programs.  I am pleased with their willingness to share their valuable time and their generosity.

As I move into my next position as Past President, I call upon you to consider taking a more active role in the SIVB.  Each of us has unique talents, which could benefit the SIVB.  By participating, you will gain new insights into our society as well as cultivating your own potential.  We will have numerous elective positions at many levels.  If you have been looking for ways to broaden your professional experience, I encourage you to volunteer to run for one of these positions.  Over the next several months, I will be identifying individuals to nominate for each of the positions.  This is your opportunity to take advantage of the professional growth opportunities offered by the SIVB.   You may also know someone who would be a good candidate.  You may contact me at:  Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Eugene Elmore, Ph.D.
President, Society for In Vitro Biology

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