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The highest honor given by the Society for In Vitro Biology is the Lifetime Achievement Award. It is presented to scientists who are considered pioneers or highly influential researchers to the science and art of cell culture. They are men and women who have devoted their careers to exemplary research and/or teaching. The recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award are selected by vote of the Board of Directors from a list of nominations recommended by the Awards Committee. The Society for In Vitro Biology honored Dr. Delia Bethell and Dr. Gertrude Buehring with SIVB Lifetime Achievement Awards at the 2015 In Vitro Biology Meeting in Tucson, AZ. This issue highlights Dr. Delia Bethell’s career. Dr. Gertrude Buehring’s career will be highlighted in a future issue of the In Vitro Report.

Delia Bethell Is Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from SIVB in 2015

Delia Bethell - 2015 SIVB Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Delia Bethell – 2015 SIVB Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Delia Bethell is a 2015 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement from SIVB.  Although many of us in the SIVB have interest in both plant and animal biology. Delia is one of the few who has conducted research in both areas. In addition to her many scientific achievements, she greatly benefited the Society at a critical time in our history. In her tenure on the Executive Board (1990 – 2000) and as Treasurer (1998 – 2000), her business and financial expertise helped to ensure that the Society would continue to provide the scientific support in the in vitro sciences and provide educational and professional development for us all. During this period the Society went through a very difficult financial time and our survival was questionable. In order for us to survive, we had to make some hard choices. Delia worked closely with our business office and the Board to ensure we maintained an innovative, yet conservative approach to management while continuing to provide the quality scientific programing that we have all come to expect. Delia committed a significant amount of effort over an extended period of time and by the time her tenure as Treasurer was over, the Society had begun its climb away from financial disaster. Delia is a strong advocate for unifying the science within our Society and emphasizing of our similarities rather than our differences. Our Society owes Delia a great debt of gratitude for her efforts.

Delia-GeneDelia holds a B.S in Biology from Tulane University, an M.S. in Biology from The University of Denver, and a Ph.D. in Physiology from The Pennsylvania State University. She started her professional career at Baxter Diagnostics, Inc. where she held several different positions. She was the Manager of Hybridoma Research – 1983 – 1984, Manager of Hybridoma and Physiological Diagnostics – 1984 – 1987, Manager of Hybridoma and Cell Biology – 1987 – 1991, and Manager of Cell Biology and Clinical Affairs – 1991 – 1992. Subsequently she worked at Alcon Laboratories – 1992 – 1993, Genzyme Diagnostics – 1993 – 1997, and Bioseparations – 1997 – 2001. In 2002, she became Vice President for Clinical Development at Ventria Bioscience where she developed and executed the clinical strategy for plant-made recombinant proteins. She currently consults in diverse areas of healthcare, nutrition, and assists with SBIR applications and clinical studies. She has twenty-one publications in basic, translational, and clinical research including a book on basic methods in antibody production, and holds six patents.

We congratulate Delia on receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015!

Submitted by Dwight Tomes and Eugene Elmore