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sivbuttondonate-100The Society for In Vitro Biology has established several initiatives to support the professional development of our student members. These initiatives include: free registration at the annual meeting with an accepted abstract, travel awards, research presentation competitions, direct involvement with committees and program planning, and the inclusion of sessions at our annual meeting that promote student professional development. In the next several issues of the In Vitro Report we will include testimonials from students who have benefited from the student initiatives. Please remember that these student initiatives are possible due to the generous financial support of our membership. If you would like to help support the professional development of our student members, please use the following link to make a donation.

Stephanie DeWitte-Orr, Member since 2005, 2014 Young Scientist Awardee

Stephanie DeWitte-Orr

Stephanie DeWitte-Orr

I have benefited from SIVB’s student initiative both personally and now that I am a principal investigator I see the benefits for my students as well. As a PhD candidate, I attended conferences hosted by SIVB on a number of occasions, and with each attendance benefited from free registration. In 2004 I was the recipient of the Joseph F Morgan Award, the Honor B. Fell Award, the Cellular Toxicology Award and a student travel award. I believe that the awards given to me by SIVB boosted my CV, allowing me to be successful in attaining national stipend scholarships. Also, the student friendly program, with workshops on guiding students through academia, was helpful and encouraging.

Now as a PI, I have been a panelist for a student workshop, and can see the benefits of these workshops for students from another perspective. Additionally, I feel the student friendly nature of SIVB conferences (from both a financial and organizational aspect) have encouraged me to bring my own student to the 2014 meeting in Savannah. With the support and opportunities offered by SIVB, I believe my student will be able to plug into SIVB as I have and make real contributions to an important international scientific society.