The Fellow Award recognizes current members of the SIVB who have been active members for at least 10 years. A Fellow has made outstanding contributions in their area of specialization or discipline to include research, teaching, and administration in public, government, academic, or private industry activities. The Society for In Vitro Biology honored Dannette Connor-Ward, Tetsuji Okamoto, and Peggy J. Ozias-Akins with Fellow Awards at the 2012 World Congress on In Vitro Biology. This issue of the In Vitro Report will highlight Dr.Tetsuji Okamoto. Dr. Dannette Connor-Ward and Dr. Peggy J. Ozias-Akins were highlighted in previous issues of the In Vitro Report.


Dr. Tetsuji Okamoto receives the 2012 Fellow Award

It was a pleasure to nominate Professor Tetsuji Okamoto for one of the 2012 SIVB Fellow Awards. He is very deserving for not only his research, but also for his willingness to be a bridge between the SIVB and the Japanese Tissue Culture Association (JTCA). Professor Okamoto was the President of the Japanese Tissue Culture Association (2005-2009), but has also been a member of the SIVB for 25 years. He has been the bridge between the SIVB and JCTA by helping to organize JTCA sessions at the World Congresses and by serving as an associate editor and now as editor-in-chief of In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Animal.

Professor Okamoto has contributed to in vitro cell biology through his research aimed at studying the function of growth factors in human cells. He identified mutations in FGF receptor genes to diagnose congenital craniostenosis that he treats with corrective surgery. In addition, he has been successfully treating oral carcinomas with IL-2-activated autologous lymphocytes for the past 15 years. He has also been treating many patients as a doctor of dental surgery in the Hiroshima University Hospital. In the hospital, he has applied discoveries from in vitro biology to the treatment of patients suffering from congenital craniofacial abnormalities and cancers in the maxillofacial region. Recently, he has built a GMP cell therapy facility in the Hiroshima University Hospital. His academic and clinical achievements should be a source of pride for both the SIVB and the JTCA, and his Fellow Award is richly deserved.

Submitted by Miho Kusuda Furue, D.D.S., Ph.D.

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