William J. Smith, 
SIVB President

Fellow SIVB Members,

As I write this I am in the last two weeks of my presidency. I find it hard to believe that two years have flown by in a blink of the eye. It should be pointed out that those 2 years have provided some of the best memories of my professional life. SIVB is a strong organization; strong in leadership, strong financially, strong in its contributions to the field of in vitro sciences, and, most importantly, strong in the actions, intentions and practices of its membership. There could not be a greater honor in science than to be a representative of this society.

During the 2012 World Congress in Bellevue WA, I will have many opportunities to thank an outstanding Board of Directors, a diligent group of committees chairs and co-chairs, a focused, dedicated group of Section leaders, a hard working, forward-thinking office staff, and volunteers who throughout the past 2 years have not only assured the success of our meetings, but also carried the weight of advancing the Mission and Vision of SIVB.

But today I want to thank you the members for making SIVB the outstanding scientific organization it has been and will be in the future. Without you there would be no SIVB, with your involvement there will be no limits to the role SIVB will play in advancing in vitro sciences in both art and practice.

See you at the World Congress.

SIVB Member and President,
Bill Smith

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