The SIVB has recently initiated Endowment Funds in recognition of special individuals that have made a profound impact on our society.  The most recent fund is the Dr. Michael Horn Endowment Fund that is being introduced to the SIVB through the In Vitro Report and more will be shared about this fund at our annual meeting in Seattle.

As many of you already know, Mike Horn is a member of the SIVB since 1987 and he has been at our annual meetings as long as I can remember, including our meeting last year in Raleigh. Tricia, Mike’s wife, has also been at many of our SIVB meetings and you probably have seen her at past meetings by Mike’s side with her camera taking photos.   Last year, Mike was diagnosed with ALS and is now residing in Indiana with Tricia and his family.

Mike is the reason why SIVB has Springer as our publisher.  This occurred when Mike was the Publications Chair for our society and it has resulted in much greater exposure of our journal throughout the World.  It has also resulted in a revenue stream to our society leading to a positive balance with regards to SIVB financials.

I am not sure if Mike will be able to attend the SIVB meeting in Seattle—my hope and prayer is that he is able to.  But I am sure that Mike will be at all future SIVB meetings in spirit.  With this thought in mind, the SIVB Board of Directors recently established the Michael Horn Endowment Fund to raise money to continue the legacy of Dr. Michael Horn.  At Mike and Tricia’s request, this money will be used to provide travel assistance to students and Post-Docs that want to attend the SIVB annual meeting and possibly a scholarship fund for an individual interested in studying the in vitro sciences.

Please write your check to “SIVB—Dr. Michael Horn Endowment Fund” send your contribution to the following address:

Society for In Vitro Biology
Attn:  Dr. Michael Horn Endowment Fund
514 Daniels St., Suite 411
Raleigh, NC 27605

Funds will also be collected at the annual meeting in Seattle.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Dr. David Songstad
SIVB, President-Elect

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