William J. Smith, 
SIVB President

Fellow SIVB Members,

As I go through this last year of my presidency, I take great joy in the growth, excellence, and activities of SIVB. As a member of three professional societies other than SIVB, I realize that I often take for granted that I’ll receive my journals, go to meetings, talk with colleagues in those societies, and occasionally sit on committees, but generally I just expect the societies to be there.  Having spent many hours over the past 15 years involved with Section or Board responsibilities in SIVB, one would think that I would have more respect and deeper involvement with my other societies. But in truth, I have many strings pulling on me from family, work, church, community and, yes, SIVB. In fact, submitting this letter to the editors of IVR is probably about two weeks late and I apologize to them because I know how much work they put into put out this Report.

The only way a society succeeds and grows is by active involvement of its members. I constantly mention in my IVR letters that we need your help in making SIVB become all that you need. In thinking about my own deficiencies regarding my other memberships, it would be hypocritical to harangue you too much on why we need more of your efforts. We all are in the same boat as to the numerous personal and professional pressures we face. Instead, I will make a promise to all my scientific colleagues. I will make time to support each of my societies to the fullest of my abilities. In my life, there are many priorities, but the top ones are God, Family, Community and Work (I include societies under Work because it is the work that draws me to membership). I ask one favor from you. Look over your priorities. While it may be way down the list, I hope SIVB shows up. Give what you can of your time, talents and thoughts. I am always available to talk if you have comments or questions.

SIVB Member and President
Bill Smith


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