News from the In Vitro Animal Cell Sciences Section

In addition to expressing our appreciation for your service to SIVB and to the In Vitro Animal Cell Sciences section, we wanted to alert and remind you of three principal issues:

2008 Scientific Program – Tucson
The entire tentative program for the 2008 annual meeting in Tucson is available elsewhere in this publication and on the SIVB website. Together with our Plant Biotechnology colleagues, we will be convening four plenary symposia, focused upon: RNA-based technologies and therapeutics; Bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics; Large-scale production of biopharmaceuticals and secondary metabolites; and Biofuels. IVACS-sponsored symposia under development with many excellent speakers already committed include: Global issues on alternatives to animal toxicology testing; Virus/cell interactions; Good cell culture laboratory practices; Effect of medium constituents on cells; Stem cells, plasticity and remedial medicine; Tumor stem cell cloning; and Emerging technologies. There will also be an Ethics workshop and additional opportunities to present your laboratory research results at contributed oral paper and poster sessions. We invite you to submit your abstracts for presentation and to participate actively in our scientific and social program. We look forward to seeing you in Tucson and to interacting with members of our guest societies, the Japanese Tissue Culture Association (J-TCA) and the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology (JAACT).

We encourage students to apply early for the many scientific and travel awards listed on the SIVB website. We also invite nominations for the following additional awards (eligibility criteria and other details are published on the SIVB website.) Please remember that the complete nomination package including endorsement letters must be received by the SIVB office no later than 31 January 2008:

  • Young Scientist Award
  • SIVB Fellow Award
  • SIVB Lifetime Achievement Award

Effective function of SIVB and its operating divisions depends upon the efforts of countless volunteers, including both elected officers and members who serve on its various committees. Biennial elections for the terms of office beginning in June 2008 will be held this quarter. A complete slate of society officers is published elsewhere. We acknowledge the following candidates (listed in alphabetical order) for election as IVACS officers and encourage you to consider their qualifications and collectively elect the individuals who will lead us for the next two years:

  • IVACS Chair: Linda Jacobsen, Dennis Laska
  • IVACS Vice-Chair – Program: Cynthia Goodman, Ray Hakim
  • IVACS Vice-Chair – Membership: Richard Heller, Melissa Santiano
  • IVACS Secretary: Guido Caputo, Brad Upham

We also remind the IVACS membership that a proposed Operating Charter for our recently created section has been discussed in our sectional business meeting and published on the SIVB website. According to SIVB by-laws, prior to full implementation, this proposed Operating Charter must be approved by member referendum concurrent the election. We believe that adoption of this Operating Charter is in the best interests of the IVACS Section and encourage your careful review and endorsement.

Information provided by David Jayme