News from the In Vitro Animal Cell Sciences Section

Annual Meeting: The 2007 SIVB Annual Meeting in Indianapolis (June 8-13) provided a breadth of informative scientific sessions and the social interactions among senior and junior investigators which typify our society. In addition to our co-sponsorship with the Plant Biotechnology section of three interesting and provocative plenary sessions, we sponsored a diversity of “animal kingdom-focused” cell culture symposia and interactive poster sessions.

Awards: In addition to providing numerous awards to our student participants (detailed in our formal meeting minutes), we recognized four scientists who have contributed greatly to the body of scientific knowledge and to our society by awarding them with SIVB Fellow Awards: Barbara B. Doonan (UST, Inc.), Todd J. Jones (BASF Plant Sciences), J. Denry Sato (Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory), and Guy Smagghe (Ghent University).

Business Meeting: Proceeding from the 2006 business meeting which formalized consolidation of the Vertebrate, Invertebrate and Cellular Toxicology Sections into a single section (IVACS), a task force developed a charter to define operating principles and mechanisms and to propose a superior organizational structure. Details of the proposed charter are posted on the SIVB website and were reviewed and approved by IVACS members at this year’s business meeting. I urge all IVACS members to ratify this document during this year’s election mailing.

Opportunities for Members to Contribute: Members at all levels of experience and tenure within SIVB are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities to benefit our society. Examples include:

  • 2008 Program – The Program Committee is actively working to finalize the themes for the plenary sessions and symposia and to invite outstanding speakers for the 2008 SIVB meeting to be held in Tucson, AZ (June 14-18, 2008). If you have suggestions or wish to contribute to the scientific program or local arrangements efforts, please contact the SIVB Secretariat.
  • Award Nomination/Development -The Young Scientist Award was inaugurated this past year to round out the award portfolio and to provide an opportunity to recognize the achievements and contributions of investigators at an intermediate stage in their career development between the various student awards and the SIVB Fellow criteria. An SIVB task force is developing a streamlined procedure for reviewing nominations and awarding successful nominees. We encourage you to recognize the outstanding contributions of your colleagues by nominating them, as appropriate for the SIVB Lifetime Achievement, SIVB Fellow and Young Scientist awards, in addition to various society awards presented to student participants. Eligibility criteria are posted on the SIVB website.
  • Joint Social Activity – Members of the 2007 Program Committee from both sections cooperated to feature a highly-successful combined social event. This activity was highlighted by presentation of the SIVB Fellow Awards, by delicious food, and by enjoyable entertainment. Feedback was very positive, as participants enjoyed less formal interaction (rumor has it that some science was actually discussed in several groups), and we look forward to holding our second annual joint social at next year’s meeting in Tucson. Members desiring to participate in planning this social event are invited to provide names and contact information to section chairs or the SIVB Secretariat.
  • Officer Elections – This year, we have the biennial opportunity to elect officers for the entire society and for the IVACS section to provide leadership for the 2008-2010 term. Assuming ratification of proposed organizational changes in the IVACS charter, the Nominating Committee has proposed an outstanding slate of officers for your consideration:
    • Chair – Linda Jacobsen, Dennis Laska
    • Vice-chair (Program) – Allen Eaves, Cynthia Goodman
    • Vice-chair (Membership) – Richard Heller, Melissa Santiano
    • Secretary – Guido Caputo, Brad Upham

A unique feature of SIVB membership is the opportunity for each member to contribute to the strength and direction of the society. I urge your continued, enthusiastic support to position SIVB to accelerate and enable the technological breakthroughs of our future.

Thank you for the support that you have provided to us during this past year. We look forward to working with you and with our colleagues in the Plant Biotechnology Section to continue our progress and to fulfill our mission.

Information submitted by David Jayme