With its inaugural meeting, the ad hoc Student Committee became official at the 2007 SIVB annual meeting in Indianapolis, IN. This committee was born out of conversations during the Education Committee meeting, as well as many conversations in the halls between meeting sessions, at the 2006 annual meeting. The primary goal of this new committee is to fill the need for a solidified student voice within the SIVB. In addition to representing the student body of the SIVB, this committee is also concerned with student professional development. At the 2007 annual meeting, the ad hoc Student Committee and the Education Committee co-sponsored an evening session on student mentoring. Convened by Scott Stewart, this session took advantage of a number of established SIVB members as discussion panelists who fielded a variety of questions from the student-oriented audience concerning many aspects of student mentoring and the mentor-mentee relationship. Issues of student professional development will be a reoccurring theme from the ad hoc Student Committee at future annual meetings.

Also during the first meeting of the new Student Committee, Nancy Engelmann (University of Illinois) and Philip Kauth (University of Florida) were elected as the new chair and co-chair, respectively.

Benjamin Martin, University of Georgia, was elected secretary and a volunteer web development committee was formed consisting of Esther Uchendu, Randy Santiano and Carol Stiff.

After a short introduction to the history and long-range intentions of this committee by Scott Stewart and Randy Santiano, the new leadership started the process of formalizing a structure, mission, and both short- and long-term goals for the committee. Short-tem plans include another student professional development session at next year’s SIVB annual meeting.

A new listserv for SIVB Student Members has been organized by Annie McGill, Nancy Engelmann and Carol Stiff. To join, please contact Carol Stiff at kck@turbonet.com . A new section for the Student Committee with be set up on the SIVB website and there will also be a method to join the new listserv there.

For more information about the ad hoc Student Committee please contact Nancy Engelmann (nengelma@uiuc.edu) or Philip Kauth (pkauth@ufl.edu).

Scott Stewart, Nancy Engelmann, and Carol Stiff