Carol M. Stiff from Kitchen Culture Kits Inc. participated in the 90th Annual Conference for Wisconsin Instructors in Agricultural Education.

Agriculture education instructors in Wisconsin’s public school and technical colleges honored their own and participated in a series of professional development workshops during their convention at the Marriott-Madison West Hotel, June 25th-28th, 2007. Jerry Wendt, President of the state association stated, ” WAAE 90 Years of treasures was the theme that marked a milestone for the Wisconsin Association of Agriculture Education. WAAE works to make more than 300 members able to do the job of educating the workforce in Wisconsin. Teachers in the high schools and technical colleges that teach a wide variety of agriculture topics get additional information and experiences that will be useful back in the classroom.

Dozens of workshops, meetings and events take place during the week to enhance the job done by teachers to prepare students for the many job openings there are in the field. The WAAE Professional Development Conference marks one of the great traditions in this state for Agriculture Educators. We share ideas, make plans for the future, have some fun, and do the business necessary for the organization to prosper.”

The instructors in attendance selected from 59 workshops throughout the four-day conference. Workshops ranged from topics on how to set up an irrigation system, meat processing, and how to raise dairy and meat goats, organic agriculture and plant tissue culture. The plant tissue culture workshop for the classroom and home was taught by Carol M. Stiff.

Information submitted by Carol Stiff