2007 Emeritus Members

The Society would like to take a moment to acknowledge its 2007 Emeritus, Honorary and Lifetime Members. These members represent the full range of the field of In Vitro Biology and include many who have provided essential research still being utilized today. It is these people to whom we are indebted for keeping our industry and SIVB alive and prospering. Thank you.

Emeritus Members have been members of the Society for In Vitro Biology for at least 10 years and have retired from remunerative professional duties.

The current Emeritus Members are:

Dr. Frances E. Arrighi
Dr. Robert Auerbach
Dr. Nelly Auersperg
Dr. Michael F. Barile
Dr. Raj P. Bhatt
Mr. George B. Boder
Dr. Ellen Borenfreund
Dr. John M. Bowen
Ms. F. M. Bozeman
Dr. June A. Bradlaw
Dr. Victor C. Brum
Dr. Samuel M. Caplin
Dr. James D. Caponetti
Dr. Bruce C. Casto
Dr. Cecil W. Castor
Mr. William L. Chandler
Dr. Ming Y Chou
Dr. Ernest H. Y. Chu
Dr. Richard H. Colby
Dr. Glenn B. Collins
Dr. Bob V. Conger
Dr. Norman S. Cooper
Dr. Betty S. Danes
Dr. Arline D. Deitch
Dr. George R. Dubes
Dr. James T. Duff
Dr. Thelma Dunnebacke-Dixon
Dr. Joseph Feder
Dr. Sergey Fedoroff
Dr. Cyril V. Finnegan
Dr. Ronald D. Fletcher
Dr. Ian Freshney
Dr. Ivette Garcia-Castro
Dr. James L. German III
Dr. Gabriel C. Godman
Dr. Arthur E. Greene
Dr. Helene N. Guttman
Dr. Bernd R. Hamprecht
Dr. Hajime Hayashi
Dr. Leonard Hayflick
Dr. Lun He
Dr. Carol A. Heckman
Dr. James H. Henderson
Dr. Colleen K. Hera
Dr. Dhanesh K. Jain
Dr. James W. Johnson
Dr. M. Edward Kaighn
Dr. Jane C. Kaltenbach
Dr. Marvin A. Karasek
Dr. Frederick H. Kasten
Ms. Pin King
Dr. Hans Koblet
Dr. Hank Lane
Dr. Howard W. Larsh
Dr. Etienne Y. Lasfargues
Col. Albert Leibovitz
Dr. Seymour Levine
Dr. Marcia J. Loeb
Dr. Philip C. Loh
Dr. Dwight E. Lynn
Dr. Shyamal K. Majumdar
Dr. Karl Maramorosch
Dr. George Martin
Dr. Stewart McConnell
Dr. Shirley A. McCormack
Dr. Leroy C. McLaren
Dr. Thomas J. Moehring
Dr. Machteld C. Mok
Dr. Paul S. Moorhead
Dr. Carlton H. Nadolney
Dr. Man C. Niu
Dr. Tohru Okigaki
Dr. Mary F. Orr
Dr. Carl R. Partanen
Dr. Eugene V. Perrin
Dr. Olive S. Pettengill
Dr. Emer Randall
Dr. Evelyn M. Rivera
Dr. Abel L. Robertson Jr
Dr. Hedi G. Roesler
Dr. Robert A. Roosa
Dr. Eugene I. Rosanoff
Dr. Noel R. Rose
Ms. Anna C. Ruckert
Dr. Warren I. Schaeffer
Dr. Irwin A. Schafer
Mr. Frederick L. Schaffer
Dr. William Scher
Dr. Leonard J. Schiff
Dr. Gabriel Seman
Dr. Benjamin V. Siegel
Dr. Edward Siegel
Dr. Ronald Sinclair
Dr. Hartmann F. Staehelin
Mrs. Jean F. Stanley
Dr. Anna Steinberger
Dr. Robert E. Stevenson
Dr. William J. Thomas
Dr. Trevor A. Thorpe
Dr. Richard S. Trowbridge
Dr. Joseph G. Tully
Dr. Indra K. Vasil
Dr. James L Vaughn
Dr. George D. Wilbanks
Ms. Valerie H. Williamson-Weed
Mr. William O. Wood
Ms. Martha S. Wright
Dr. Cheng W. Yu
Dr. Conrad E. Yunker

Honorary Members were nominated and voted on by the SIVB membership to become members. They are provided with this special status because of their work and influence in the field of In Vitro Biology. Many of these members are Emeritus Professors and have retired from remunerative professional duties, but they are listed separately in this category to acknowledge their special status within the Society.

The current Honorary Members are:
Dr. David Baltimore
Dr. M. Helena Benitez
Dr. Stanley Cohen
Dr. Lewis L. Coriell
Dr. Renato Dulbecco
Dr. Leonard Hayflick
Dr. Robert N. Hull
Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini
Dr. Toshio Murashige
Dr. Akira Sakai
Dr. Agnes N. Stroud-Lee
Dr. Marguerite M. Vogt

Lifetime Members were regular members who paid a special rate to become a member of the Society for In Vitro Biology for life. Many of these members are also retired or have become Emeritus Professors since becoming a Lifetime Member, but they are listed separately in this category to acknowledge their special status within the Society.

The current Lifetime Members are:
Mr. Vincent J. Aloyo
Dr. Dominick Basile
Dr. June L. Biedler
Dr. Mina J. Bissell
Dr. L. De Ridder
Dr. Glen Germain
Dr. Wallace McKeehan
Dr. Shyamal K. Roy
Dr. Shirley E. Schwartz
Dr. Richard S. Trowbridge
Dr. Koji Yamada

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