” International Association for Plant Biotechnology invites you to join in 2007!”

Michael Horn, IAPTC&B US Correspondent

2007 promises to be an active year for the US Chapter of the International Association for Plant Biotechnology (IAPB). Construction of a new website is in progress and should be active before mid-year. There will be 4 issues of a newsletter dedicated to our Chapter and highlighting the international aspects of our members, travel, meetings, reports, as well as lab art and plant biology cartoons. Of course, by joining the IAPB you receive two issues of In Vitro-Plant with an international editorial board and high quality papers from all over the world. All this requires a membership fee of only $45 per year!

In 2010, the IAPB Congress will be held in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Roger Beachy, a very well known and respected plant scientist, is our new President and he will serve in that capacity until the 2010 meeting is concluded. His colleague, Dr. Nigel Taylor, is the Editor-in-Chief of the two international In Vitro-Plant issues mentioned above.

I encourage all plant scientists in the SIVB to join the IAPB in 2007. Preparations have already begun for the 2010 meeting, still in their infancy, so by joining the IAPB now, you can be a part of a wonderful international organization dedicated to the area of science that you love. Its the perfect complement to the SIVB, and the two societies work closely together. Interested? Contact me and I will E-mail you a membership application form immediately.

Michael E. Horn
US Correspondent, IAPB

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