Paul J. Price, SIVB President

Fellow SIVB Members,

With our finances moving in the right direction, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors has been wrestling with membership retention, increasing membership and annual meeting attendance. The scientific sessions and our education initiatives at our annual meetings have been excellent. In spite of this the average attendance at each meeting over the past 9 years has been a little under 50%. Attendance percentage usually peaks at the World Congress (2002 being an exception) and then tapers off. Society membership has shown the same curve, but our membership numbers continues to drop. Even with 2 excellent journals, high quality meetings and a friendly meeting atmosphere, we continue to lose members. Please ask yourself why that is and what we can do as a Society, and you as a member, to reverse this trend. Talk to your colleagues about the SIVB and see if they would consider membership. It is our Society and we need a strong membership base and meeting attendance to continue the excellent programs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Paul J. Price, President SIVB

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