Phyton Biotech Inc. has now relocated to NJ from Ithaca. The company address is now 279 Princeton-Heightstown Rd., E. Windsor, NJ 08520. Joining Michael Horn (new Director of Cell & Molecular Biology) are Dr. Gerald Hall as Scientific Advisor (Manager) of TransProtein Production, Shoshana Pofelis as Senior Research Scientist in the same group and Tiffani Larrimore has moved over to the TransProtein Production group from Strain Development. Dr. Weiming Wang is Manager of Cryobiology and Jayraj Muni is a Research Associate in Cryobiology.

Mary Ann Lila is traveling 9-19 January 2006 to Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, and Ghana on behalf of the Global Institute for Bioexploration, a joint venture developed by scientists at Rutgers and the University of Illinois. She will be part of a team meeting administrative officials at the University of Lagos, the University of Yaounde, and various agencies and Science ministers in the four countries. Also, Mary Ann assumed the role of Interim Associate Dean for Research & Agriculture Experiment Station Director at the University of Illinois College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, effective 1 January 2006. She also became Director of the ACES Global Connect Program, the international research and outreach arm of the College.

Barbara Triplett reports that the USDA-ARS Cotton Fiber Bioscience group has temporarily relocated to College Station, TX following Hurricane Katrina. The breach of the 17th Street Canal caused floodwaters over 6 feet high to inundate the first floor of the Southern Regional Research Center Luckily, all employees of the Center escaped harm. All emergency power was lost within 24 hours of the storm causing the loss of freezer, refrigerator, and incubator contents. The Cotton Fiber Bioscience group is being hosted by the Department of Soil & Crop Sciences at Texas A&M University while the Center is restored. The temporary address:

USDA-ARS USDA-ARS Cotton Fiber Bioscience group, temporarily assigned to:
Department of Soil & Crop Sciences
Texas A&M University
370 Olsen Blvd, Room 220D
College Station, TX 77843-2474
OFFICE: 979-845-8274
FAX: 979-845-8274

Dave Ellis was appointed Curator of the Plant Genetic Resources Program at the USDA-ARS National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation in Fort Collins, Colorado. In this position, he heads up and is responsible for the safe long-term storage of over 750,000 seed samples, including back-ups of the world’s rice, wheat and maize collections. In addition to the seed samples, he oversees the cryopreservation of numerous vegetatively-propagated crops for the National Plant Germplasm System.

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