Report of the Nominating Committee

The results of the 2006 – 2008 election are complete. All members were all sent a paper ballot and received instructions on how to vote.

SIVB Officers and Commitee Chairs::
President Elect: Todd Jones
Vice President: John Harbell
Secretary: Nancy Reichert
Treasurer: Richard Heller
Past President: David Altman
Member-at-Large: Daniel Brown
Member-at-Large: Guy Smagghe
Publications Chair: Michael Horn
Public Policy Chair: Pam Weathers
Awards Chair: Mary Ann Lila
Education Chair: Elizabeth Roemer
Constitutions and Bylaws Chair: Janice Demetrulias
Nominating Committee Chair David Altman
Cellular Toxicology/Vertebrate Section Officers:
Chair: David Jayme
Vice Chair: Lia Campbell
Secretary: Kim O’Connor
The merged Cellular Toxicology/Vertebrate Section Officers have agreed on the new Section name of In Vitro Animal Cell Sciences.
Invertebrate Section Officers:
President: Guy Smagghe
Vice President: Ray Hakim
Secretary/Treasurer: Guido Caputo
The Invertebrate Section has agreed to become a subsection in the newly merged Cellular Toxicology/Vertebrate Section.
Plant Biotechnology Section Officers:
Chair: Wayne Parrott
Vice Chair: Mark Jordan
Secretary: Carol Stiff
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