Toxicology Meeting Update

The 2006 meeting of the SIVB in Minneapolis features a series of strong scientific sessions, starting with a Keystone symposium, and followed by three preliminary symposia and sessions on various aspects of animal and plant cell culture. For the toxicology section of SIVB, of particular interest, are the following scientific sessions.

The plenary symposium on bioreactors has focus on the cultivation of eukaryotic cells for the production of pharmaceuticals. The symposium includes presentations by experts in various areas of the production of pharmaceuticals, including cultures of vertebrate, invertebrate, and plant cells. It is expected that this session will help identify some of the common needs as well as some of the bioreactor tools and some of the knowledge that can be shared across different disciplines within the area of in vitro biology.

The animal symposia of direct interest for the toxicology section include, but are not limited to, Biology of Metastatic Growth, Cell-based Bioassays in Drug Development, Cryopreservation, Nutritional Requirements of Cells in Culture, Tissue Engineering, and Stem Cell Culture. Each of these symposia will attempt to provide the state of the art information in their respective area. The sessions range from the “basics” of cell culture (Biology of Metastatic Growth, Nutritional Requirements), to related technologies (Cryopreservation), some of the latest developments (Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering), and the use of in vitro culture to support new products (Cell-based Bioassays in Drug Development). We look forward to an exciting conference that will cover many interesting areas of science and technology of cell culture.

Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic
Cellular Toxicology Chair