The 2005 meeting was a great scientific and social event for Plant Biotechnology Section members. The following photos give you some idea of what you missed!

Photo courtesy of Pam Weathers

Pam Weathers (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and Yulan Xiao, (Chiba University, Japan) were so excited by the Silent Auction offerings that they did an impromptu ballet. Pam and Yulan (a recent student of Dr. T. Kozai) were also impromptu roommates for the conference and found they had a lot in common.

ARS tour
A busload of SIVB members toured the Agricultural Research Service open house at Beltsville, MD on Saturday morning June 4. Two large tents of displays and a walking tour of the dairy research barn kept everyone interested.



SIVB member Freddi Hammerschlag greets the tour in a Strawberry suit

SIVB members experience dairy cow research first hand. They especially appreciated the automatic manure removal process!



The SIVB Plant Social

The social served its function well with lots of conversation and chances to get acquainted.




It appears we let anyone in (Richard Heller/vertebrate section) – no ID checks at the door


Mary Ann Lila gets a big refresher! (Photo courtesy of Alvar Carlson)

Mary Ann Lila’s lab group enjoys the social.


Melissa Hinga receives the Distinguished Service Award

Dave Ellis presented his Fellow award by Mary Ann Lila

Dave Songstad presented his Fellow award by Greg Phillips

The Daves with their Fellow Awards (Photo courtesy of Mary Ann Lila)

Evening at the Baltimore Aquarium Event

Color coordinated botanists tour the rainforest (Lisa Lee, Indira Iyer, Svetlana Kushnarenko, and Irina Kovalchuk)

Creatures in residence at the Aquarium


Nancy Reichert, Greg Phillips and Greg’s family enjoy the closing dinner


Mike Horn, Liz Roemer, Paul Price, and Delia Bethell enjoy the closing dinner