RiceTec has the following plant tissue culture laboratory items for sale.

All items are 5 years old or newer.

Percival Incubator model I-36NL (no lights) -10 to 50 °C (1)
VWR Brand 815 BOD Incubator (no lights) -10 to 50 °C (2)
8 ft Pure Aire Laminar Flow Hood (1)
6 ft Nuaire Laminar Flow Hood (1)
125 ml liquid culture vessels with caps (90)
VWR Orbital Shaker with tray to hold 32 liquid culture vessels
25mm Culture Tubes and Caps (50+)
Coplin jars for histology (12)
Some chemicals typical of plant tissue culture
Misc – 0.2um vacuum filters for 45mm neck flasks, 6 well culture plates, sterile Petri dishes

Call for pricing. Some items to be donated.
Contact: Melissa Hinga, RiceTec Inc., mhinga@ricetec.com or (281) 756-3362