The Society for In Vitro Biology (SIVB) Fellow Award is looking for nominations from the SIVB membership for the 2005 Plant Fellow Award. The Plant Fellow Award was created to recognize the outstanding professional accomplishments in the area(s) of specialization of in vitro biology and service to the Society.

Eligibility and Nomination Procedures
The Society for In Vitro Biology (SIVB) recognizes current members who have been active and paid Plant Section members for a total of at least 10 years. A SIVB Fellow has made outstanding contributions in their area(s) of specialization to include: research, teaching, or administration in the area of public, government, or private service sectors.

1. Current active and paid member of the Society of In Vitro Biology for the past 10 years.
2. Demonstrative “active” involvement with Society activities, programs, other venues.
3. Nomination by active members of the Society and/or self-nomination of active member. Assistance of the nominee in supplying accurate information is encouraged.
4. Nomination application must be submitted to the awards committee by February 1 of the application award year.
5. The Plant Section Chair and Plant Awards Committee member(s) determine election to Fellow(s) status.
6. Fellow awards will be announced and recognized at the annual Section meeting and in the In Vitro Report.

Application Format
7. Assemble 5 complete copies of the nominations and staple each copy once in the upper left corner. The body of the nomination is limited to 5 pages. Each copy must contain (A) 3 pages maximum of the nomination format pages, and (B) 2 one-page letters of support.

Preparation of Nomination Material
Page 1

  • TITLE: Entitle the document, “Nomination of (insert nominee name) for Election to Plant Fellow by the Society for In Vitro Biology.”
  • NOMINEE: Include: name; mail address with country and zip code; and telephone number with area code; and e-mail address.
  • SUMMARY: Summarize in a half page or less the most significant achievement(s) that qualifies the nominee for election to Fellowship.

Page 2-3

    A. Degrees received: list field(s), date and institution for each degree.
    B. Professional positions held: list years, organizations and locations.
    C. Membership in professional societies to include dates and positions held.
    D. Honors and awards received since baccalaureate degree.
    E. Service to Society for In Vitro Biology
    1. Appointed positions.
    2. Elected positions.
    3. Other Service to the Society.
    F. Other service: i.e., significant committee work or service to other societies or institutions.
    A. Describe achievements in which the nominee has made significant contributions to include: teaching: achievements in (1) communicating ideas clearly, (2) influencing attitudes, or motivating favorable action, to a significant degree, with students or clients; or
    B. Research to include: significance and originality of basic and/or applied research contributions; or
    C. Service to include: significant service to the profession in universities, foundations, associations, commercial organizations, communities, etc. DO NOT REPEAT INFORMATION LISTED IN SECTION F ABOVE.
    D. Development or improvement of significant program practices or products in the cell culture to include: significance, originality and acceptance by the public. Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of publications to support the significance of the program practices or products.
    E. Leadership to include: evidence of creativeness and effectiveness of scientific or administrative activities within or outside the USA.
    Attach a list of professional publications in each of the following categories: (a) books; (b) chapters; (c) books edited; (d) non-technical articles; (e) patents; (f) invited lectures, seminars, symposia
  • DEADLINE: February 1, 2005
  • SUBMIT APPLICATION:Mail all nominations to:
    Mary Ann Lila, Ph.D.
    Plant Fellow Award Committee
    Professor, Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences & Assistant Dean for Research, College of ACES
    University of Illinois
    211 Mumford Hall, MC-710
    1301 West Gregory Drive
    Urbana, IL 61801
    (217) 333-0240, (217) 333 5154
    Fax: (217) 333-5816