Pre-Meeting Education Workshop
Experimental Design and Analysis of SNPs, Chips, and Protein Arrays – A Current Science Workshop
Saturday, June 4
8:00 am – 3:00 pm

The technological advances resulting from the human genome sequencing project have expanded the scientific capabilities for understanding the basic cellular constitution and function as well as changes that are produced by exposure to drugs or other agents. These capabilities include DNA microarrays for determining gene expression profiles and drug response, proteomics including protein arrays, and single nucleotide polymorphisms. With the development and standardization of laboratory reagents and methods that minimize the effort to process the biological samples, the biological procedures for performing the analyses have become routine. These advances have resulted in the easy accumulation of data that require substantial processing to understand its significance. The need for bioinformatics has resulted in the development of various software and data processing products to address the critical issues of array standardization, comparative gene expression, proteomics, and SNP analysis. As with any technology, experimental design plays a critical role in the validity of the answers. In this workshop, we will overview the basic science of each technology with a focus on the successful design, execution, and analysis of data to provide insights into the biology. Attendees at this workshop will gain an understanding of the basics of DNA microarray, protein array, and SNP analysis and will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from scientists that have an extensive expertise in their respective fields. It is designed to accommodate individuals at all levels of experience. The cost of this workshop is $100.00 with Meeting Registration, $200.00 without Meeting Registration, and $75.00 for students.

USDA/BARC Tour – Once a Year Event Coincides with SIVB Tour of Facility!
On Saturday, June 4, 2005, a 3-hour visit to the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC), Beltsville, MD, is being planned. This will be unique, as it will be the one-day of the year that BARC’s Public Field Day is offered. Two football size exhibit tents will feature exhibits from the 30+ laboratories. Within the tents, scientists will be available to give information and answer questions. Refreshments can be purchased on-site. Also, a special tour of the 7,000 acres has been arranged to visitors from the Society for In Vitro Biology Meeting, in addition to presentations by scientists. The tour will be visiting the Sustainable Agriculture, the Organics, Integrated Pest Management Plots, and possibly the Clone Bovines. The cost for this tour is $15.00 and includes transportation to and from the USDA-BARC location.

Baltimore Aquarium Closing Event
The plans for a special elegant evening are underway for Tuesday, June 7, at the National Aquarium of Baltimore for participants and family. Maryland’s leading tourist attraction and an international icon, the National Aquarium in Baltimore provides cultural, recreational, and educational experiences. The exhibits start small with samples of marine life from local waters, but visitors soon find themselves eye-to-eye with sharks, rays, and other very large creatures. A simulated rainforest ecosystem and regularly scheduled dolphin shows round out the attractions. The Aquarium strives to blend naturalistic exhibit elements with the most modern interpretive techniques, engaging visitors by focusing on the beauty of the aquatic world. Exhibits are designed to replicate natural environments and avoid the unnatural mixing of species. Specimens are chosen to give the best examples of biological concepts in an interesting and accurate way. The collections embrace diverse worldwide habitats. The registration rate for this event is $75.