Happy New Year! The 11th IAPTC&B Congress will be held from August 13-18, 2006 in Beijing, China. If you would like to view the scientific program for this meeting, you can visit our website at http://www.genetics.ac.cn/IAPTCB.htm. Registration and travel information are included on the website.

The United States region of the IAPTC&B will be offering $1,000 travel fellowships to attend the 2006 meeting in China. Only members of the IAPTC&B-US will qualify for one of the more than 15 fellowships. Stay tuned this year for more information on the application process.

By the time you receive this Newsletter, you should have received your dues notice for 2005. If you have not received a dues notice, you may not be on our list of members. If you have any questions about your membership status, please feel free to drop me an email at mpb27@cornell.edu or to give me a call at 631-727-3595. One of the benefits to members of the IAPTC&B is the journal In Vitro – Plant. If you have not been receiving two issues of this journal each year, please let me know.

At the August 2006 Congress of the IAPTC&B in China, a new U.S. national correspondent will be appointed. We are beginning the process of searching for an individual to replace me in 2006 and serve 4 years. If you are interested in being considered as the next US representative for the IAPTC&B, or if you would like to learn more about the responsibilities, please contact me.

There is interest in holding another Plant Micropropagation meeting in 2005. Last year, our meeting was in Orlando, FL where after a day of excellent presentations, we were able to spend a second day visiting commercial tissue culture laboratories in the Apopka area. If you would like to help to organize a meeting this year, please let me know. We need a location that is easy to reach and one that has at least a couple tissue culture laboratories to visit. Suggestions are welcome!

Have a great year, and as always, feel free to contact me with your comments and suggestions for the IAPTC&B – US.

Mark Bridgen, US Correspondent
E-mail: mpb27@cornell.edu

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