Report from the Northeast Branch of the SIVB

The branch society continues to co-sponsor, along with the Pace University Sigma-Xi chapter, lectures and presentations. This past year we co-sponsored the following:

Oct. 1, 2003 Dr. Cyrus Bacchi, Director of the Haskins Research Lab, spoke about his work in the development of new drugs to treat African Sleeping Sickness.

Nov. 5, 2004 Dr. Leo Fleischman, from Union College, gave a most interesting lecture entitled “Lizard Visual Ecology:They Really Can Communicate”.

Feb. 4, 2004 Dr. James Simmons, from Brown University spoke about communication in bats. His
lecture was titled: “Bats Are Neat:Echolocation”.

March 24, 2004 Dr. Cynthia Port, Albany Medical College, Spoke on “Cell
Chat & Cell Signals.”

The society plans to continue to work with the Pace chapter of Sigma-Xi in the planning of events for next fall, including the co-sponsoring of our annual Bioethics Forum. We are also going to initiate a renewed effort to re-establish contact with old branch members and recruit new members.

Carl W. Candiloro
President, Northeast

Possible Carolina’s Branch Discussed
Discussion has begun about setting up a Carolinas branch of SIVB. Anyone interested in setting up a Carolinas branch of the SIVB contact Ray Shillito at or (919)549-2210