Possible Carolina’s Branch Discussed
Discussion has begun about setting up a Carolinas branch of SIVB. Anyone interested in setting up a Carolinas branch of the SIVB contact Ray Shillito at ray.shillito@bayercropscience.com or (919)549-2210.

USDA/APHIS Suggesting Changes to GE Plants
The USDA/APHIS/Biotechnology Regulatory Services is considering significant changes to its regulations of GE plants under 7CFR 340. The USDA is welcoming comments on the proposed changes until March 23, 2004. Their website with the changes is here (http://a257.g.akamaitech.net/7/257/2422/14mar20010800/edocket.access.gpo.gov/2004/04-1411.htm). The USDA/APHIS looks forward to all comments received.




Barbara Reed with the USDA-ARS at the National Clonal Germplasm Repository in Corvallis Oregon would like everyone to be aware of a new addition to the National Clonal Germplasm Repository website. It is a Power Point presentation on the use of Star Pac bags for germplasm storage. The presentation shows step by step how to prepare the bags with medium, autoclave, plant the plant material, and finally the storage procedures. The link is:

Also on the Repository’s web site is a presentation on using the StarPac bags for shipping.

Greg Phillips, Editor-in-Chief of In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Plants, has recently left New Mexico State University to become Dean of the College of Agriculture at Arkansas State University. He can now be reached at:
P.O. Box 1080
119 S. Caraway Road
State University, AR 72467-1080 USA
Tel. (870) 972-2085
FAX (870) 972-3885
Email gphillips@astate.edu

Mary Ann Lila, Past-President of SIVB, is spending part of January in Cairo, Egypt as leader of a biotechnology task force working to administer $1M in MUCIA AID grant funds specifically for biotechnology in horticultural crops. She is leading a team of researchers from Purdue, Lincoln, Illinois, and Florida and interacting with various universities of upper Egypt and the AGERI (Biotech) research institute in Cairo. When she returns from Egypt, Mary Ann will be off to Australia to deliver a keynote lecture at the International Anthocyanins Workshop in Sydney.

Dave Ellis, Director of Operations at CellFor, has announced that effective March 1, 2004 he will leave CellFor and join the USDA-ARS National Seed Storage Laboratory in Fort Collins, CO as a Plant Physiologist. Dave says, “This opportunity came up and it matched my skills and interests – back to being a scientist.” His primary focus will be developing and implementing systems for the long-term storage of agriculturally important plant germplasm, primarily clonally propagated crops which cannot be stored by seed. Best of luck in your new endeavor Dave!

Todd Jones and his wife, Michele, became the proud parents of Carson Clark Jones. Little Carson weighed in at 7lbs. 11oz. and was 21″ long. Todd and Michele are sleep-deprived but very happy. Todd is also leaving his job as Director of Forest Biotechnology (effective Dec. 31) at Weyerhaeuser, Federal Way, WA after 2.5 years and will be taking a position as Project Leader – Transformation at BASF in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

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