In just a few short months, we will come from all over the world to gather in one of the United States’ most beautiful and exciting cities to celebrate another World Congress on In Vitro Biology. It will be an opportunity to catch up with colleagues and an opportunity to make new acquaintances. But, most importantly, it will be a forum for great science. Science is both creative and practical. Accordingly, the Program Committee has put together an outstanding program for 2004. For beginners, Kary Mullis, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 1993 will give the keynote address. Furthermore, each day will feature a “State-of-the-Art” Symposium, where the latest developments applicable to the various in vitro biologies will be showcased. Each division is also sponsoring symposia, workshops, and contributed paper sessions that will allow attendees to focus on their area of interest. All the successful features of past meetings – such as the interactive posters- have been retained. And, the social highlight of the meeting will be dinner served during a cruise that offers views of Fort Mason, the Marina District, he St. Francis Yacht Club, the Presidio, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz.

Take some time to explore the program- it will have something for everyone. Better yet, go ahead and register and make reservations. Bring yourself, and your sense of excitement. San Francisco is waiting.

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