The first issue of the journal In Vitro – Plant for 2003 was mailed out in early September. If you have not received your copy yet, please let me know.

Plans for a Plant Micropropagation meeting in 2004 are beginning to form. Dr. Randy Niedz of the US Horticultural Research Laboratory in Ft. Pierce, FL has suggested a meeting near Orlando, FL at Leu Gardens in Winter Park, FL. It is about 16-20 miles from tourist attractions, close to the airport (30 minutes) and close to Apopka (40 miles) where there are at least 8 commercial tissue culture labs that could be visited. Discussions about this site have just begun. If you are in the Florida area and would like to help with the local site committee, please let me know. Among all the other details to be worked out, we also need to decide on dates. Please contact me with your comments and suggestions. Special thanks go out to Randy Niedz for volunteering to assist with this activity.

China is already working on the 2006 IAPTC&B meeting. Check out the new web site at:

As always, I welcome your comments. Drop me an email if you would like to share some of your thoughts about the IAPTC&B with me.

Mark Bridgen, US Correspondent