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Among many issues that have been debated by our Society over the years have been about the impact of technology on productivity in agriculture and how much regulatory review of the products of technology is really necessary.  A recent review summarizes scientific opinion for productivity1 and a CAST Issue paper2 discusses the effect of regulatory barriers on research in university and small businesses.  Productivity noted in peer review articles from 1996 to 2016 clearly indicated that genetically engineered (GE) maize had grain yields from 6-25% higher compared to their non-transgenic controls, and three different toxins (i.e. mycotoxins) were from 30-40% lower compared to their non-transgenic controls.  This review clearly supported the use of GE crops.  The CAST issue paper addresses the potential contribution and impact of public, university, and small business on the development of GE crop varieties.  …..>
Welcome to the 2018 In Vitro Biology Meeting
The 2018 Society for In Vitro Biology annual meeting in Saint Louis, Missouri, is upon us.  Genome editing will be the focus of this year’s meeting.  It is highlighted by Dr. Rachel Haurwitz, President and CEO of Caribou Biosciences, who is our keynote speaker.  She is .…..>

2017 Annual Report 
The 2017 SIVB Annual Report is now available online. Take a moment to stay informed about the organization’s 2017 activities…..>

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