yvonne-reidLifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Dr. Yvonne A. Reid, Manager Scientist, Standard Resource Center, American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), was recipient of the Society for In Vitro Biology 2016 Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award.  Dr. Reid was recognized for her significant pioneering and scientific excellence in cell culture methodology and development of in vitro and molecular technology advancing intra-species human cell line authentication and standardization. Dr. Reid developed and pioneered human cell line identification procedure using DNA hyper-variable regions for intra-species identification coupled with advanced molecular biology technology of Short Tandem Repeats (STR). The utility of this STR technology uniquely identifies each human cell line as well as the donor material..…..>
President’s Report
Our Annual Meeting is now a very pleasant memory of our time together in San Diego.  As I write this first report to you as the President of the Society of In Vitro Biology, I think about how we will remember this meeting for the ‘breakthrough’  scientific presentations …..>
smaggheDistinguished Scientist Award Recipient
Dr. Guy Smagghe, a Professor in the department of Crop Protection, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium, received the 2016 Distinguished Scientist Award at the World Congress for In Vitro Biology held in San Diego, CA, this past June……>

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Each year, the Society for in Vitro Biology bestows awards that acknowledge professional excellence combined with a service to the Society.

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Check out the latest news from our members: Nancy Reichert, David Songstad, Bob Conger, Albert Kausch, and Annette Gilchrist plus updates from the International Cell Line Authentication Committee


USA Science Festival

SIVB exhibited at the 4th USA Science & Engineering Festival, the largest and only national science festival, which features nationwide contests and school programs, including a ‘Nifty Fifty’ science speaker program and X-STEM Symposium.



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