No doubt, you know somebody who should be nominated for one of the 2017 SIVB awards…

To be nominated for an award from a professional society is a great recognition and honor. Our Society has many outstanding members who are worthy of a nomination, but need a colleague to initiate the nomination process – and that nominator might be you!  The annual nomination deadline is February 1; so the 2017 nominations will be due by no later than February 1, 2017, though you can always submit earlier.

Each year, the Society for in Vitro Biology bestows awards that acknowledge professional excellence combined with a service to the Society. Some examples of service might include participating in the Society’s committees, convening a session, board membership, service as a section officer, etc. The award categories and criteria are posted at the SIVB website (; some statistics and preliminary information are summarized in the table below.

The nomination process is not complicated. It involves only a few steps:

  • getting familiarized with the award criteria. Now is the perfect time to do so. You can find the specific criteria using the “Helpful Links” below
  • contacting the potential nominee and working with the candidate on gathering the required information. Ask for the candidate’s resume, the years of membership and functions performed in our Society. Now is the time to do this as well
  • filling out the Nomination Form Complete the form and submit it along with the necessary documentation to the Awards Committee Chair and Society for In Vitro Biology by February 1, 2017 or before ( and

Information describing the award categories will be published in the next In Vitro Report but you may also find them by using the Helpful Links below.

Award Year Award Initiated No. of Recipientsa Year Last Awarded Limit of Awards per Year Nomination Process
Lifetime Achievement Awardb 1989 44 2016 1 per sectionc Yesd
Fellow Award 1998/2004* 67 2015 2 per sectionc Yesd
Distinguished Scientist Award 2014 2 2016 1 per sectionc Yesd
Young Scientist Award 2009 5 2016 1 per sectionc Yesd

 aJuly 1, 2016 status
bRequires financial backing of $3,000 minimum (not too difficult to achieve)
cSIVB sections include: In Vitro Animal Cell Sciences and Plant Biotechnology
dNomination Form is available at:
*The Plant Fellow Award was first presented in 1998. The first Invertebrate Fellow Award was presented in 2003 and the first Cellular Toxicology and Vertebrate Fellow Awards were presented in 2004. In October 2004, a single type of Fellow Award was created for which all Society members are eligible.

Helpful Links:

Have questions? Please contact the SIVB Business Office at or Dr. MM Jenderek, SIVB Awards Committee Chair, at 970-492-7533 or by email at