The Distinguished Scientist Award recognizes outstanding mid-career scientists who have made significant contributions to the field of in vitro biology and/or in the development of novel technologies that have advanced in vitro biology. The Society for In Vitro Biology honored Dr. Guy Smagghe as a recipient of the Distinguished Scientist Award at the 2016 World Congress on In Vitro Biology in San Diego, CA.

Dr. Guy Smagghe

Dr. Guy Smagghe

Dr. Guy Smagghe, a Professor in the department of Crop Protection, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium, received the 2016 Distinguished Scientist Award at the World Congress on In Vitro Biology held in San Diego, CA, this past June. The award recognizes contributions and achievements in the in vitro sciences. Dr. Smagghe has been performing in vitro research with insect cell cultures for over 20 years. He is a world leader in insect physiology and pest control, and has published over 330 peer-reviewed research publications related to these topics.

Dr. Smagghe leads an internationally respected multidisciplinary research team focussed on the study and development of novel insect control strategies as well as basic research in insect physiology and endocrinology. Insect cells and tissue cultures have been fundamental in his research program, using and developing insect cell culture systems to unravel the function of insect hormone receptors or screening chemicals for insect control and evaluating potentially harmful environmental effects. Using classical and modern approaches, Dr. Smagghe is at the forefront of research developing biosafe pest control agents. Over the 20+ years of his research career, he has trained Michael Dame (L) and Cynthia Goodman (R) present Guy Smagghe with the Distinguished Scientist Award.numerous undergraduate and graduate students (roughly 100 MSc and 26 PhD students). In addition to his numerous publications noted above, he has made close to one thousand presentations at conferences with talks and posters, and hold 8 patents. He has also been quite active with outreach activities for the scientific community participating in numerous panels and committees of several professional societies and editorial boards. He is the recipient of many honours and awards including Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Officer of the Order of Leopold II from Belgium, and many other Honoris Causa doctorates from several universities.

Dr. Smagghe is a relatively young researcher, still under 50, with lots of energy and enthusiasm for the sciences and a role model to many. He has contributed widely to the scientific community, especially in the fields of entomology, insect control, crop science, toxicology and agricultural science and is a worthy recipient of the 2016 SIVB Distinguished Scientist Award.

Submitted by Dr. Lucy Lee and Dr. Cynthia Goodman


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