Month: November 2017

Fund for the Future

The following members are acknowledged for their contributions for the future endeavors to the Society for In Vitro Biology Dr. Addy Alt-Holland Mr. Harold E. Lane Dr. Nelly Auersperg Dr. Robert H. Lawrence Jr. Dr. Pierluigi Barone Dr. Chunsheng Lu Dr. Delia R. Bethell Dr. George M. Martin Dr. Raj P. Bhatt Dr. Steve Michael Millett Dr. Niels C. Bols Dr. Masayoshi M. Namba Dr. John M. Bowen Dr. Randall P. Niedz Dr. Gertrude C. Buehring Dr. Valerie C. Pence Dr. Lia H. Campbell Dr. Gregory C. Phillips Dr. Yongjian Chang Dr. Jerome P. Ranch Dr. T. E. Clemente...

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New Members

SIVB Welcomes Its New Members in 2017! Dr. Andres Gatica Arias, University of Costa Rica Dr. Suman Chandra, University of Mississippi Mr. Madhumita Dasgupta, University of Tennessee Mr. Erik L. Goldberg, Calyx King Consulting James A. Guy, MacArthur Capital LLP Dr. Hemant Lata, University of Mississippi Ms. Joanna I Rosinska, Fall Creek Nursery Dr. Manas Ranjan Sahoo, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region Professor Savanah St. Clair, Pierce College Mr. Jun Zhang, DuPont...

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Member Profile – Dr. Keith Redenbaugh

Dr. Keith Redenbaugh (Ph.D. 1979 Department of Silviculture and Tree Improvement, SUNY ESF) Currently: Director of Regulatory Affairs at Arcadia Biosciences, Inc., Davis, California. Previously at Monsanto, Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Iowa State University, Calgene, Plant Genetics Inc. and University of California Berkeley. Married to Janet (44 years) with three children and their spouses and five grandchildren (best part of my career!). Forty years professional experience in launching plant agbiotech products, including FLAVR SAVR tomato, BXN cotton, Laurate canola, virus resistant zucchini and SONOVA GLA safflower oil. ACCOMPLISHMENTS Food Additive Regulation at FDA for SONOVA GLA safflower oil (omega-6-fatty acid) as...

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Member News

Dr. Ahmad Omar (Visiting Scientist at Citrus Research and Education Center, University of Florida, Lake Alfred, FL and Associate Professor of Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Biochemistry Department, College of Agriculture, Zagazig University, Egypt) and collaborators have published the article titled “Metabolically speaking: Possible reasons behind the tolerance of ‘Sugar Belle’ mandarin hybrid to Huanglongbing” in the Journal of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. In addition, Dr. Omar and collaborators have published the article titled “Production of three new grapefruit cybrids with potential for improved citrus canker resistance” in the journal of In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology –...

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Best Practices in Cell Culture

Articles published in In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Animal In vitro-based cell culture techniques are now fundamental to research in cancer, cell physiology, gene therapy, and regenerative medicine. These and other disciplines are impacted by a breakdown in good cell culture practices [1]. Among the many concerns are the use of misidentified or cross contaminated cell lines, infection by adventitious agents, and altered growth/differentiation by poor medium or serum selection and/or improper cryopreservation techniques. All of these factors have led to the publication of an appreciable number of studies that are at best irreproducible and at worst completely useless...

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The In Vitro Report accepts submissions from members or interested scientists. Submissions must include author’s name, address, phone, or other number where you can be reached. For additional information regarding submissions to In Vitro Report, contact Sylvia A. Mitchell or Michael J. Fay, Editors-in-Chief, by phone or email or contact the SIVB office.

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