Month: December 2007

Student Awards

The following student awards were presented at the 2007 In Vitro Biology Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana. Information related to the available specific student awards can be found on the SIVB website ( or by contacting the SIVB Business Office at (919) 420-7940,, or Dr. Pamela Weathers, Chair, Student Affairs and Awards Committee, at (870) 680-4795, email: 2007 SIVB STUDENT TRAVEL AWARD Inflammation of A549 Epithelial Cells- an In Vitro Comparison of Various Mineral Oxides’ Relative Cytotoxicities and their Impact Upon ROS Release Exposure to minerals via inhalation has long been implicated in the development of a variety of...

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New Members

The Society for In Vitro Biology would like to welcome its new members Hikmet Budak, Sabanci University Dinesh Chandra, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi Reda Elwany Moghaieb, M, Cairo University Edith Powell, Tuskegee University Jodi Deserene-Ann Spence, Scientific Research Council SIVB Business...

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Call for Award Nominations

There are a number of award opportunities for members to receive in 2008. Below is a listing of the awards available. Nominations are due soon, so review the criteria at and let us know if you know any eligible candidates! Lifetime Achievement The Society of In Vitro Biology established the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989 to recognize those who have achieved academic excellence in their field of study and to honor those who have made significant contributions to the field of in vitro biology and/or in the development of novel technologies that have advanced in vitro biology. Fellow...

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Journal Highlights

Potential for Introducing Cold Tolerance into Papaya by Transformation with C-Repeat Binding Factor (CBF) Genes This project was undertaken as a joint project between the groups at the University of Florida (UF TREC) and Fort Valley State University (FVSU). The idea for this research was to extend the range of a tropical fruit species papaya into the warm temperate zone of north Florida and south Georgia. Because of the absence of cold tolerance in papaya Carica papaya L., a proposal was developed that would 1) probe the genome of papaya and its cold-tolerant Andean relatives in the genus Vasconcellea...

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      News from the In Vitro Plant Cell Sciences Section Valerie Pence reports a successful reintroduction of endangered plants. Plants of the Federally endangered Arenaria cumberlandensis (Cumberland sandwort) were produced by micropropagation in the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s Endangered Plant Propagation Program in 2005 and were used for an experimental outplanting at a site in the Daniel Boone National Forest in southern Kentucky. More than half the plants survived the first winter and flowered in 2006. This summer a visit to the site revealed that the plants had produced seedlings and are now a reproducing population,...

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The In Vitro Report accepts submissions from members or interested scientists. Submissions must include author’s name, address, phone, or other number where you can be reached. For additional information regarding submissions to In Vitro Report, contact Sylvia A. Mitchell or Michael J. Fay, Editors-in-Chief, by phone or email or contact the SIVB office.

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