Month: September 2005

2005 Student Awards

The following student awards were presented at the 2005 In Vitro Biology Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland. Information related to the available specific student awards can be found on the SIVB Website ( or by contacting the SIVB Business Office at (919) 420-7940,, or Dr. Pamela Weathers, Chair, Student Affairs and Awards Committee, at (508) 831-5196, email: 2004 Wilton R. Earle Award and the 2004 SIVB Travel Award Production of a Marker-free Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Plants Transformed by Agrobacterium Wheat (Triticum aestivum) is an important food crop, because of both the nutritional value of its seeds and the unique...

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2004 HS Science Fair Awards

2004 Student Science and Engineering Fair Award Winners Listed below are the High School Science and Engineering Award Winners who received SIVB certificates and letters of recognition for projects related to the areas of in vitro biology. David Paesani, The Ingenuity Project, Baltimore, MD Julio Gagnon, Western Laval High School, Lorraine, CANADA Sullivan Corby, Western Laval High School, Laval, CANADA Shervin Bastami, Dallas, TX Dimple K. Patel, Lecanto High School, Hernando, FL Christine Sciarrino, Central VA Governor’s School, Forest, VA Nikita Tsveton, Elista City Lyceum, Elista, RUSSIA Lauren Taylor, Ballard High School, Louisville, KY Zhu Yinfei, High School of...

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2005 In Vitro Biology Meeting Acknowledgements The Planning Committee acknowledges the contributions and donations received from the following companies and organizations for their support of the scientific and educational programs. Meeting Laureate Contributor UST, Inc. Meeting Distinguished Contributor Monsanto Company US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command USDA CSREES Meeting Symposia Contributor ArborGen, LLC BASF Plant Science, LLC Cargill Specialty Canola Oils International Foundation for Ethical Research (IFER) Invitrogen Johnson & Johnson MatTek Corporation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Pioneer Hi-Bred International Promega Corporation Syngenta, Inc. Meeting Contributor Bayer CropScience Biolife Solutions, Inc. CellFor, Inc. Children’s...

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Education News

Workshops: Carol Stiff, President and CEO of Kitchen Culture Kits, Inc., continues to spread the word about micropropagation to teachers and hobbyists and others. Carol presented two workshops in the Phoenix area in February, one in Annapolis in June (Saturday before the SIVB meetings) and has other scheduled for Florida, New York, Wisconsin, Washington, and possibly Barbados. Workshop attendees consist of high school teachers, plant enthusiasts, nurserymen, medical doctors, college teachers, college students, administrators, computer engineers and even some junior high students. These workshops introduce people to the basics of micropropagation using very simple equipment and allow teachers, with...

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The 2005 meeting was a great scientific and social event for Plant Biotechnology Section members. The following photos give you some idea of what you missed! Pam Weathers (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and Yulan Xiao, (Chiba University, Japan) were so excited by the Silent Auction offerings that they did an impromptu ballet. Pam and Yulan (a recent student of Dr. T. Kozai) were also impromptu roommates for the conference and found they had a lot in common. ARS tour A busload of SIVB members toured the Agricultural Research Service open house at Beltsville, MD on Saturday morning June 4. Two...

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  • President’s Report

    The importance of mentors: The annual meeting presentations of the lifetime achievement awards are an opportunity to reflect on the successful careers of our fellow ...
  • 2019 In Vitro Biology Meeting Update

    WELCOME TO THE 2019 IN VITRO BIOLOGY MEETING We are excited to welcome you to the 2019 In Vitro Biology Meeting, which will be held from ...
  • 2019 Meeting News

    There are so many exciting events happening during this year’s meeting.  Check out what’s new: Saturday, June 8: Advanced Flow Cytometry Applications and Data Analysis Tuesday Evening, ...
  • Education Committee Update – Issues in Biotechnology

    The SIVB is proud to announce that it has hosted a video recorded Lecture Series titled Issues in Biotechnologyon their website under the Education Tab; ...
  • In Memoriam

    Dr. Arthur McIntosh, Insect Cell Culturist and Virologist Dr. Art McIntosh, a pioneer in insect cell culture, passed away peacefully at his home, after a long ...
  • UN Biodiversity Conference Recap

    Explaining “Synthetic Biology” and defending Plant Science at the 2018 United Nations Biodiversity Conference While most of the US was focused on mid-term elections, Washington politics, ...
  • Journal Highlights

    Butyric acid induces spontaneous adipocyte differentiation of porcine bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells Butyric acid (BA) affects the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) through the activation of different transcriptional pathways. The aim of ...
  • Member News

    Title of the volume: Transgenic Plants. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1864. Humana Press, New York, NY Editors : Sandeep Kumar, Pierluigi Barone, Michelle Smith This book ...
  • New Members

    SIVB Welcomes New Members in 2019 Huda Abmed Alzahrani, Eastern Illinois University Angelo Alvarez, Pierce College Jesse Argueta, California State, San Bernadino Mohammad Fazle Azim, Arkansas State University Richa Bajaj, ...
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