Month: June 2004

President’s Report

2004 World Congress: Emerging Biotechnology and Integrated Human Capital It has been my pleasure and honor to serve as the President of the Society for In Vitro Biology for these past 2 years. The task of leading an organization during a time of membership decline, an increasing deficit budget, and a diverse Board struggling to determine the Society’s core competence has not been painless. But as I reflect upon the collaborative inter-society activities of the upcoming World Congress and review the list of those to be recognized, I understand fully that this journey was well worth the effort. In...

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Journal Highlights

Greenhouse Evaluation of Roundup Tolerant Creeping Bentgrass S. Fei and E. Nelson Creeping bentgrass is a very important turfgrass species used extensively on golf course greens, fairways and tees. One of the challenges of creeping bentgrass management is the control of grassy weeds, most of which respond to herbicides in a similar manner to that of creeping bentgrass. As part of a weed management program for golf courses, Roundup tolerant creeping bentgrass will be simple to employ and more effective in controlling problem weeds than currently available methods. The goal of this research was to evaluate fitness-related reproductive traits...

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Education News

The Education Committee will be hosting several events at the upcoming World Congress in San Francisco. Starting at 8:30 AM on Saturday, May 22, Jeffrey Janus will convene a full day workshop: Using Cell-based Model Systems in Assays and Basic Research: A Workshop in Practical Methods. The program will focus on human cells, and will provide a valuable opportunity to learn directly from experienced experts in the use of cell-based models. The workshop will feature the use of several types of model systems, including: fully differentiated cells, stem cells, and transformed cell lines. The full workshop program, as well...

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Branch News

Report from the Northeast Branch of the SIVB The branch society continues to co-sponsor, along with the Pace University Sigma-Xi chapter, lectures and presentations. This past year we co-sponsored the following: Oct. 1, 2003 Dr. Cyrus Bacchi, Director of the Haskins Research Lab, spoke about his work in the development of new drugs to treat African Sleeping Sickness. Nov. 5, 2004 Dr. Leo Fleischman, from Union College, gave a most interesting lecture entitled “Lizard Visual Ecology:They Really Can Communicate”. Feb. 4, 2004 Dr. James Simmons, from Brown University spoke about communication in bats. His lecture was titled: “Bats Are...

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Points to Ponder

Are science-based facts alone enough to win the battle of public perception and reception of GEOs? On March 2, 2004 voters in Mendocino County California passed proposition H, making it unlawful to grow genetically modified organisms within the county, in an effort to “…protect the county’s agriculture, environment, economy and private property from genetic pollution…”. My first reaction was to associate proposition H with a popular hemorrhoid remedy, but there is nothing to soothe irritation in proposition H. Quite the contrary, proposition H is based on illiterate nonsense, which clearly eluded not only the 15,746 voters who supported it,...

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