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An Invitation From The President

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Eugene Elmore
Eugene Elmore

As President of the Society for In Vitro Biology (SIVB), I would like to personally invite you to: attend our exciting meetings; present your research to colleagues who share your enthusiasm for high quality science: join our Society: and make it your Society.

I can still recall my first scientific presentation at the Society’s meeting in Philadelphia in 1976. I can recall how exciting it was and how nervous I was to be presenting to the leading scientists in cell and tissue culture. My research focused on defining better culture media for normal human fibroblasts with the ultimate goal of growing and cloning cells from young patients with Fanconi anemia and ataxia telangiectasia. Later at this meeting, I was able to speak at length with Dr. Richard Ham, a leading authority in developing culture media for human cells, regarding my research. His willingness to share his time and encouragement was extremely important to my professional career. This was an important event in my life and I share it to illustrate the potential for our young scientists to benefit from this type of interaction. You will find the Society’s members eager to discuss your science and offer constructive suggestions.

The Society for In Vitro Biology offers all scientists many benefits including:

  • networking with fellow scientists with common interests;
  • building long-term professional and personal friendships with colleagues who share strong interests in the in vitro sciences;
  • broadening your scientific interests in a diverse in vitro biology society that includes all areas of plant and animal research;
  • learning and expanding your knowledge of state-of-the-art science to support your scientific and professional development;
  • providing the venue for sharing your exciting research advancements;
  • building your resume by actively participating in the Society’s activities with helping to shape its future; and
  • participating in the oldest society for in vitro biology.

Students and Young Scientists

For many years, our society has encouraged our students, young scientists, and Post Docs to take an active role in our meetings and society activities. We recognize that our young scientists are the future of the Society. The student initiative has taken an active role in our meetings. The student organized program includes scientific presentations of interest to all attendees and encourages peer focused skill development for presentations. The Society has encouraged our students and young scientist to participate in the scientific management of our Society through membership on committees and participation on the Board of Directors. The SIVB needs you to attend our meetings, join the Society, and through your longer term participation become our future leaders. The Society recognizes the importance of professional development and encourages opportunities that will enhance the careers of young scientists.

Established Scientists

Our established scientists provide the Society with expertise gained from experience. They play an important role in mentoring our students and young scientists and sharing their scientific data and helping to promote the advancements that will shape the future of science. You serve as role models for our young scientists and provide insights into potential directions for their careers. Your interactions will provide the encouragement that could make a real difference in their lives.

Late Career or Retired Scientists

As scientists who have benefitted from membership in the Society or who have benefitted from the in vitro science developed by the Society, your historical perspectives and insights will be valuable in charting the Society’s future directions. We encourage you to join or renew your membership in the Society. We also encourage your active financial support and remembering to include the Society in your bequests.

By joining the Society, participating in the annual meetings and serving on committees, both you and the Society will benefit in a “Win-Win”. Our Society needs you! To join the SIVB or obtain more information, visit the web site and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, please contact the SIVB Business Office at (919) 562-0600 or Email at SIVB@SIVB.ORG.

Eugene Elmore, Ph.D.
SIVB President 2014-2016