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David Songstad
David Songstad

Dear Fellow Scientists,

I have been a member of the Society for In Vitro Biology (SIVB) for over 20 years and would like to reflect on the reasons for why I joined this society and for my commitment to this organization.  This reflection of my involvement with the SIVB is meant to encourage you to consider joining the SIVB.

A very good friend of mine, Jerry Ranch, asked me to join the SIVB in 1991 (back then it was called the Tissue Culture Association).  He convinced me to join after telling me the reasons why he benefited from this society:

  • Venue to present research
  • Unique society with In Vitro Plant and Animal sections
  • Opportunity to network with colleagues
  • Platform to inquire about jobs—either to fill positions or to seek new opportunities
  • Make long-lasting associations with people equally committed to the In Vitro sciences
  • Opportunity to get involved with a vibrant exciting professional society

I followed Jerry’s advice.  It turned out that 1991 was the beginning of a relationship I was making with the SIVB, both as an organization and with individuals.  Over the years, I have grown with the SIVB as I have gained a deeper appreciation for this society.  I have served the SIVB as a presenter at volunteered sessions (oral and poster), as a convener of volunteered and invited sessions, as an Associate Editor of one of our journals, and as a member of the Board of Directors where I currently serve as the President of the SIVB.

As President of the SIVB, I am eager to invite you to join this society.  Everyone joins the SIVB for a different reason.  I’ve shared my reason above and I’d like to hear yours. 

  • You may be a student that has taken advantage of the SIVB “Free Student Registration” that is a program now in its 10th year. 

The SIVB needs you because you will be the future of this society. 

  • You may be a Post-Doc in academia or industry and you attended your first SIVB meeting the suggestion of your boss. 

The SIVB needs you because you will be the future of this society. 

  • You may be a researcher with an established lab in academia, industry or government and have attended the SIVB meeting for the first time. 

The SIVB needs you because of your experience and for you to serve as a mentor to students interested in a career in the In Vitro Sciences. 

  • You may be at the end of your career or retired and maybe you were a TCA/SIVB member in the past. 

The SIVB needs you because of your perspective and insights and reflection regarding the future of this society. 

When you become a member, there are various committees that you are invited to join and become involved to help shape the future of the SIVB.  These committees involve various topics including:

  • Education (scientific outreach at our annual meeting and beyond)
  • Public Policy (statement of the Society’s stand on key issues such as GMOs)
  • Records/History (documenting the history of the TCA/SIVB)
  • Long-Range Planning (providing a vision for the future of SIVB),
  • Membership Committee
  • Development (Fund Raising)
  • Publications (our publications include In Vitro Animal, In Vitro Plant and In Vitro Report)
  • Program Committee (planning next year’s annual meeting)
  • Student Committee (led by students and provides forum for student functions at SIVB meeting)
  • Finance (led by Treasurer and tracks the financial status of SIVB)
  • Awards (oversight of SIVB awards include student travel, Fellow, Lifetime Achievement, etc)

The bottom line is that I need your help by joining the SIVB as a member and to become involved with one or more of these committees.  The way to join is to click on the membership link provided below and follow the instructions.  If you have any questions, please contact the SIVB business office at (919) 562-0600 or email at SIVB@SIVB.ORG.

For more information about the Society and to access an on-line membership application, visit the web site at

David Songstad, Ph.D.      
SIVB President 2012-2014