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Lifetime Achievement Award Criteria
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Student Awards

Student Award Criteria



Lifetime Achievement Award

The Society for In Vitro Biology established the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989 to recognize outstanding late-career scientists who have made significant contributions to the field of in vitro biology and/or in the development of novel technologies that have advanced in vitro biology. This award can only be received once. A nomination application must be submitted to the awards committee by February 1 of the application award year. Nomination packages are valid for two years.


  1. Nominee has completed his/her terminal degree at least 30 years prior to the award date or approaching retirement;
  2. Nominee has been a member of SIVB for at least 10 years;
  3. Nominee is a current active SIVB member;
  4. Nominee is living. (The award committee is able to waive the requirements if a candidate becomes incapacitated at a time when their current trajectory shows they would likely have qualified later on, but for the infirmity.)

Award criteria

  1. Nominee must have made significant contributions to the development and/or understanding of in vitro biology that historically has and will continue to distinguish their scientific work;
  2. Nominee demonstrated a consistent track record of significant and original basic and applied research contributions in the area of in vitro biology;
  3. Nominee has an excellent record of publications including peer-reviewed journal papers, review articles and/or issued patents;
  4. Nominee had successful mentoring of graduate students, postdocs, staff members, visiting scientists, peers, etc.; or successful management record.


  1. A plaque;
  2. A total amount $3,000 to cover all expenses of awardee to attend the Annual Meeting to receive the award. This amount includes $1,500 for the awardee’s travel and expenses and an additional $1,500 for a reception held in their honor. These funds must be raised by those submitting the nomination.
  3. Up to one per section per year;

Nomination Procedures

Nomination packet should include:

  1. Completed award nomination form signed by two nominators (at least one nominator must have active SIVB membership);
  2. Two additional supporting letters from qualified members of the scientific community who are familiar with the nominee's contribution;
  3. Nomination letter including statement of commitment to raise $3,000 in sponsorship to support the award;
  4. Complete vitae of the nominee including all professional achievements especially in the field of in vitro biology.