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SIVB Nervous Tissue Film Collection

SIVB Nervous Tissue Film Collection

VHS Series


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Description Key
VHS=1/2" Video Cassette BW=Black & White  C =Color
Silent =Without Audio Sound=With Audio ## Running time in minutes

Film# Title Author(s) Description
(please refer to key)
601 Oligodengroglia C. M. Pomerat VHS or B/W-Sound-11
  Sequences showing the motility and pulsatile activity of oligodendrocytes in culture. (Phase Optics)

602 The Cultivation of Mammalian Cerebellum C. M. Pomerat B/W or C-Sound-17
  Phase studies of the various cells which appear in long-term cultivation of cerebellar explants. (Phase Optics)

603 Microglia C. M. Pomerat B/W-Sound-12
  Sequences of microglia from several tissue sources under various optical conditions show the morphology, pseudopod activity, organelle movement, and scavenging properties of these cells. (Phase Optics)

605 Dynamic Aspects of the Neuron in Tissue Culture C. M. Pomerat VHS or B/W-Sound-22
  This film constitutes a morphogical study of neurons from chick and rat dorsal root ganglia. Special attention is given to the structural details and movement of the perikaryon, the myelinated axon and associated Schwann cells, and the growth cones of the axonic process. (Phase Optics)

606 Neurons and Neuroglia in Tissue Culture Lewis and Lewis B/W-Silent-8
  Activities of sympathetic neurons and neuroglia cells from a 7 day chick embryo in tissue culture. (Bright-Field Optics)