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SIVB Methodolgy Film Collection

SIVB Methodology Film Collection

VHS Series


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Description Key
VHS=1/2" Video Cassette BW=Black & White  C =Color
Silent =Without Audio Sound=With Audio ## Running time in minutes


Film# Title Author(s) Description
(please refer to key)
901 Micropuncture of Cells by Ultraviolet Microbeam M. Bessis VHS or B/W or C-Sound-20
  Interesting sequences of cell behavior following total exposure to ultraviolet microbeam and others where only selected portions of the living cell have been damaged. (Phase Optics)

902 Cellophane Strip Technique G. G. Rose VHS or C-Silent-4
  Sequences showing the preparation of cultures by the cellophane strip technique used by Dr. Rose. (Phase Optics)

903 Cultivating Cells Alexis L. Burton VHS or C-Sound-9
  Describes tissue culture technique of preparing cultures in Rose chambers.

904 Time Lapse Phase Contrast Cinemicrography  Alexis L. Burton VHS or C-Sound-12
  Explains how to make time-lapse movies through the microscope using phase-contrast optics. Film includes examples of cells filmed by time lapse.